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devils & fools: a newsletter exploring tarot, numerology, creativity & community by 3am.tarot

hello friend, and welcome to devils & fools! offering a queer-informed perspective on tarot, numerology, creativity, spirituality, and community, this newsletter provides several pieces each month digging into individual tarot cards. i also offer paid tiers digging into tarot numerology and offering exclusive tarot spreads that are relevant to our monthly explorations.

everything in this space was created by me, meg jones wall (also known as 3am.tarot), from the photos to the writings to the ideas. i'm a queer, non-binary, disabled author, photographer, and teacher, and i love sharing my perspectives on the cards and how they can help us move through our world. i firmly believe that creators exist in a robust ecosystem, so you will also often see links to other writers and teachers i admire, as well as song lyrics, poetry, visuals, books, and other media that inspires me.

tarot is for everyone. whether you have an established personal practice, read professionally for others, or are considering purchasing your first deck, i've got a wide variety of free resources, courses, and support available for every stage of your journey. you can explore these resources on my website.

and if you're interested in exploring the archives of this newsletter, read on.

devils & fools was originally launched on substack in april 2020. after ongoing struggles with stripe (which prompted me to write an article in WIRED that helped contribute to a change in their policies towards psychic businesses) and ongoing frustrations with substack's refusal to protect trans people (an issue that unfortunately has not been resolved), i moved this newsletter to ghost in october 2022.

while the archives are still available on substack for convenience, ghost is the exclusive home of new writings on devils & fools. most of the content that i share here is free, but i have paid subscriptions available too for those who want additional writings, spreads, and offers.

the archives are grouped into categories for your browsing pleasure: essays (long-form pieces combining tarot analysis, personal stories, and observations), spreads (exclusive tarot layouts available to paying subscribers; you can explore my free tarot spreads here), and resources (occasional updates, announcements, and popular posts from other websites).

for your convenience, i've linked all of my major arcana essays below. these were written over the course of roughly two years, and are all available to read for free. subscribers on the bronze and gold paid tiers will also be able to find accompanying tarot spreads in the archives for each essay.

the fool: on bravery // on want, desire, and finding the fool
the magician: on anticipation
the priestess: on space
the empress: on growth
the emperor: on limits
the hierophant: on knowledge & friction
the lovers: on choices
the chariot: on pursuit & passion
strength: on power & hope
the hermit: on darkness & light
the wheel: (fragments) on timing
justice: on fairness
the hanged one: on altars & alterations
death: on stages of grief
temperance: on finding equilibrium
the devil: on hauntings & honesty
the tower: on fault lines
the star: on the strangeness of hope
the moon: on the gift of fear
the sun: on unchanging change
judgement: on awakening to self
the world: on the world, and the world, and the world

i also have a variety of moon phase spreads that are available to paying subscribers on the silver and gold tiers. you can find these in a downloadable format through my etsy shop, along with other spread collections and printable resources.

new moon in aries
new moon in taurus
new moon in gemini
new moon in cancer
new moon in leo
new moon in virgo
new moon in libra
new moon in scorpio
new moon in sagittarius
new moon in capricorn
new moon in aquarius
new moon in pisces

full moon in aries
full moon in taurus
full moon in gemini
full moon in cancer
full moon in leo
full moon in virgo
full moon in libra
full moon in scorpio
full moon in sagittarius
full moon in capricorn
full moon in aquarius
full moon in pisces

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