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spreads for the full moon & lunar eclipse in scorpio

spreads for the full moon & lunar eclipse in scorpio
moon & sun from the sabat tarot

hello, friends.

full moon eclipses, especially in intense signs like scorpio, can feel overwhelming, emotional, messy. this eclipse is happening right near the south node, making it extra spicy (or extra exhausting) depending on your natal chart.

(it's me, i'm exhausted. if you are too, i feel you. we're gonna get through this.)

rather than focusing on action, movement, or control, this full moon asks us to focus on surrender, letting go, and simply being present in whatever change is occurring. and sometimes, that is the last thing that we want to do, because letting go can be wildly fucking uncomfortable. yet the moon lives and dies and is reborn through these endless and beautiful cycles. it's in these deep, dark waters of scorpio that we rinse ourselves clean, let ourselves drift through the currents, and prepare to be reborn.

what are you ready to release? what hurt, what confusion, what old and tired thing, are you done protecting, nourishing, giving your attention to? what is only staying alive because you refuse to stop feeding it? and where can you shift your energy instead?