devils & fools is a newsletter for longform tarot writing, personal reflection essays, exclusive tarot spreads, and updates on the writings and offerings from 3am.tarot. here i offer insights, questions, and resources on tarot, numerology, creativity, and community, through a queer and inclusive lens. now hosted on ghost, devils & fools is the consolidation of my original newsletter from substack and my patreon-supported studies on patreon. this is now the best way to find and support my work.

readings & writings

several times each month, i send out reflection essays, weaving major arcana archetypes and minor arcana cards with my own personal stories, experiences, and interpretations. these are always free to read, and are included with every subscription.


my original tarot spreads are meant to offer gentle but clear guidance in working with the cards on your own, and can be utilized and modified as needed to suit your specific purpose.

if you love my tarot spreads and want to access exclusive layouts, check out the paid tiers that i offer. the bronze tier includes one spread per month that usually connects to a reflection essay, and the silver tier features two spreads per month - one for the new moon, and one for the full moon.

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my first book, finding the fool: a tarot journey to radical transformation, was published by weiser books in march 2023, and i am currently writing two new tarot books, with publication dates forthcoming. i'm a teacher and tarot reader so i am always writing something new!

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meg jones wall, august 2022