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november 2022: new moon in sagittarius

november 2022: new moon in sagittarius

hello friends.

yesterday the sun moved into the mutable fire of sagittarius, and today the moon follows suit, beginning a new cycle brimming with adventure, curiosity, and opportunities to celebrate the self.

new moons are always associated with the fool, that joyful, eager, longing-filled figure who craves something new. the fool is ready for a change, has felt the stirrings within that mean it's time to take a chance, to step beyond what is known, to carve a new path towards a destination that is still finding shape and clarity. new moons traditionally are for beginnings, setting intentions, welcoming the start of another cycle. (your regular reminder that you do not have to do everything for every astrological shift all the time, and that if you're tired, uninspired, ill, or otherwise indisposed, you do not have to push yourself beyond your limits. listen to your body, your intuition, and your heart, and take care of yourself.)

sagittarius, as we know, is associated with temperance, an archetype that wants us to balance where we are, where we've been, and where we're going. this card helps us to be present, to feel the impact of our choices and experiences, to honor the journey that we've been on with authenticity.

this moon wants to guide us towards our desires, shining its soft, shifting light into the unknown, encouraging us to make our own path towards all that we crave. both the fool and sagittarius aren't afraid to try new things, to seek truth by any means necessary, to find the value in successes and slip-ups. 

what do you have your sets set on? what have you been trying to figure out? what do you feel drawn to, even if you can't explain why? what magic has been brewing within you, and where does it want you to go?