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full moon in sagittarius

full moon in sagittarius Jun 2, 2023

hello, friends. if you missed yesterday's essay on the star, hope, and reaching for something you can't yet see, you can check it out right here. (and if you're in a generous mood, we're going out to look at even more apartments today, still trying to find a safe place to live - good vibes and candles appreciated.)

today's full moon in sagittarius, that brilliant and philosophical sign of mutable fire, can bring an essential lens of truth and clarity to your world. sometimes this looks like a situation unfurling, other times it brings a shift of perspective that helps you close the door on something for good. but sagittarius wants to know and see, wants to discover, wants to move - and as the moon grows full in this fiery sign of curiosity and adventure, pay attention to what is being revealed.


Meg Jones Wall

photographer, writer, tarot reader. bisexual/queer, she/they. nyc.