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december 2022: new moon in capricorn

december 2022: new moon in capricorn

hello, friends.

today's new moon in capricorn gives us the opportunity to begin a new cycle, one that focuses on slow, intentional growth towards a lasting, stable legacy.

those are big words, and indeed, when we're talking about capricorn's cardinal earth, it can feel like a demanding energy — one that expects the best from us, that pushes and persists, that has a clear vision for the future in mind. but don't forget that new moons always hold the energy of the fool, and that no matter how sure-footed capricorn may seem from the outside, cardinal energy and fool vibes don't always know everything that's ahead, can't possibly predict every outcome from the seeds we are planting.

but isn't that part of the fun, the joy, the magic of this season? isn't there delight in the wonder of new growth?

as we've already looked at a few days ago with our transition into capricorn season, this sign is associated with the tricky archetype of the devil. this is one of the most misunderstood cards in the deck, and can mean anything from destructive patterns and negative habits to risk, curiosity, taking chances, seeking the forbidden, or craving something real.