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full moon in libra spread

full moon in libra spread
the sabat tarot

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now for the moon.

today's full moon in libra can help us remember the power of perspective, the wonder of relationships, and the necessity of paying attention to what we are doing. grab your cards, because our spread for this full moon will offer you a chance to clarify your intentions, find balance within, and move forward with purpose.

full moons always combine the energy of the moon and the sun, helping us dance in the magic between dusk and dawn. the moon urges us to explore our shadows, to make space for our fears and our dreams in equal measure, while the sun wants us to integrate these more hidden aspects of ourselves into our daily, regular lives. how do we integrate the internal and external? when do we allow our secrets to shape our actions? and how can we be conscious of celebrating our shadows and our sunshine, even if we feel more naturally drawn to one over the other?

libra is justice: balance, equilibrium, truth, perspective, awareness, authenticity. this archetype can be a challenge sometimes, especially given the way that ideas of justice have been so conflated with law, punishment, and corruption. when we talk about the tarot's justice, we aren't just talking about who gets away with what - instead, we have an opportunity to think about values, about ethics, about what truly guides our choices. how do we assess our options, choose a path forward? how do our decisions impact those around us? what kind of story are we telling with our actions, and how does that story change the world we live in?