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new moon in pisces

new moon in pisces
the sabat tarot

hello, friends. today's moon is dreamy, fantastical, curious, and awestruck. today, we work with the new moon in pisces.

new moons always invite in the crackling, idealistic, optimistic energy of the fool. this figure of desire and longing, of curiosity and creativity, of wanting to see what lies beyond that familiar horizon, is willing to step outside of what is known so that they can live their fantasy. the fool doesn't let fear or uncertainty hold they back. instead they are brave, bold, chasing after something that they may never quite get their hands around.

the fool knows that this choice, this pursuit, is essential to who they are, no matter where the journey may take them.

pisces is associated with the moon archetype, that necessary fantasy world that lives within us. the moon encourages us to go beyond what is known, to let ourselves wander through our subconscious, to make space for secrets and endings. the moon is associated with the number 9, a philosophical number of detachment and emergence. what can we find when we loosen our grip, when we're willing to let things move as they please? what will we discover when we stray from the path and follow our instincts?