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full moon in pisces

full moon in pisces
sun & moon from the sabat tarot deck

hello, friends. today's full moon is also a blue supermoon, which is to say that this extra big and bright moon is our second full moon of august and our only blue moon of the year.

drink some water.

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now, for the moon.

today the sun is in virgo, so many planets are retrograde (including mercury and venus), and the moon is shining brightly in the mutable waters of pisces.

both the full moon and the zodiacal sign of pisces are represented by the moon card in the major arcana: that dreamy, mysterious, intuitive wander through our subconscious. that sense that there is more beneath the surface, new discoveries to make within ourselves. with the moon we honor our fears, discover our dreams, recognize the aspects of self that we may not feel able to look at fully in the harsh light of day. the moon is the one who hears our whispers, our pleas, our cries. she receives our murmured revelations, holds our secrets tightly. she reigns over the night sky, reminding us of our own rhythms, making space for reflected light and necessary shadow.

the moon is our body, and our heart, wrapped up in one watery, mutable, ever-changing package.