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social media is fickle; have some new tarot spreads

social media is fickle; have some new tarot spreads

hello, friends! i generally try not to send more than one or two emails per week, so as to not constantly blow up your inbox. but i wanted to drop a quick note today to let you know that my social media accounts on meta (instagram and threads) have been fully suspended for at least the next week. it's unclear what caused this freeze (though given that i'm loudly pro-palestine, queer, and nonbinary, i have some theories), but i'm not able to post, like, comment, or share anything on either platform. (if you'd like to help me out by sharing your favorite spreads, essays, or podcast episodes, i'd really appreciate it!)

it's frustrating — not only because i don't know why this happened, but because i'm launching some new resources, and i'm getting a lot of weird, homophobic comments on threads in response to an off-the-cuff post i made about a potential queer plotline in the latest season of bridgerton. happy pride, indeed.

me, unable to speak on threads or instagram

part of the reason that so many small businesses and creators like myself have been sounding the alarms about connecting with folks off of social media is exactly for this reason: these platforms can suspend, ban, or fully delete our accounts at any time, for any reason, and we have no recourse. with almost 25k followers on instagram alone, it feels foolish in the extreme for me not to keep connecting with folks on these flawed platforms — but whew, is it exhausting.

we're all doing our best. so with that in mind, i wanted to shout out a bunch of queer creators whose work you might love, share a new tarot spread that i had planned to post on socials, and also remind you about the many ways that we can connect and work together.

  1. there are so many amazing queer creators and readers doing fantastic work right now, but here is a quick list of practitioners i've worked with who are doing beautiful work that inspires and dovetails with my own, many of whom are open for readings, have incredible newsletters, and/or have upcoming classes that i think you'll love:

cassandra snow, jeanna kadlec, cedar mccloud, bee scolnick, maeg keane, diana rose harper, alex mikinaak, christopher marmolejo, amaya rourke, siri plouff, lane smith, maria minnis, and the good grief network, to name just a few.

  1. i've had a few new tarot spreads sitting on the back burner, but this one felt particularly nourishing for me today, and i hope it feels that way for you too:
resources & resilience: gathering, utilizing, surviving, and thriving. something you are doing well already / a resource to build & nurture / a way that this resource can support you / something that might be worth investing more deeply in
something you are doing well already / a resource to build & nurture / a way that this resource can support you / something that might be worth investing more deeply in
  1. wanna work together? i have two new resources dropping on july 1, as well as some evergreen offerings that i hope you'll check out:

resources & resilience: a 31-day tarot container for building strength, recognizing justice, and working with these two tarot archetypes to understand power and impact as a community
next level tarot: a new intermediate lecture series for support in multi-card tarot readings, weaving cards together as a cohesive story, and dealing with cards that seem to oppose or contradict one another
3am.tarot conservatory: my course membership is open again for a limited time — get access to over $1200 of course materials, suggested curriculums, ongoing support, discounts on new courses, and more
card talk podcast: i'm dropping new 15-20 minute episodes every thursday, and having a blast doing it
single-card reading newsletter drive: icymi, i'm offering free single-card handwritten tarot readings to new and current paid newsletter subscribers
tarot readings: if you're looking for one-on-one support, my books are open

and of course, you can find tons of email courses, tarot spreads, and other resources by exploring 3amtarot.com!

thanks for being here. please take care of yourselves today, don't stop talking about palestine, and happy pride.