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meta sucks — let's change it up

meta sucks — let's change it up

hello, friends. the tl;dr here is that i'm changing up my digital presence, and it starts today. read on for the update, and scroll to the bottom for a brand new tarot spread.

if you're on social media, you may know that in june, i got suspended from IG and threads several times. as with past suspensions, there was no specificity to this blocking, as well as no recourse — i simply couldn't engage with content in any way. and while i was really frustrated to once again lose access to my account for weeks at a time, i took it as a sign to step away from meta platforms, and took the IG and threads apps off of my phone.

i missed y'all — but i didn't miss the ads, the spam comments, the trolls, the censorship. i didn't miss seeing folks whose work i love trying their best to be seen through the fog of the algorithm. i didn't miss struggling to find content on palestine and the congo and sudan. and i didn't miss having homophobic, transphobic, pro-genocide crap thrown at me constantly.

so i've made some decisions about where my free, connective content is going to live moving forward. and friends, it's not going to be on instagram.


i'm not erasing my accounts on instagram or threads, and i'll still post there when i have new offers or things to share. but for those of you who like seeing my face on social media, who love my tarot reels, or who enjoy the free spreads i share, i'm going to make it easier for you to find my work and engage with it.

i'm shifting my video content to tiktok, and will start sharing the free spreads i used to post on IG through my newsletter and discord server instead. i know that tiktok as a platform has plenty of its own flaws, but having the ability to make both short form and longer videos, as well as share still images and potentially make money if i get to over 10k followers, is more enticing than continuing to struggle on meta platforms. i'm still figuring out visibility over there, but it feels more freeing to play around in that particular sandbox.

to try and keep this newsletter from getting too unwieldy, i'm going to shift my publishing schedule a bit. you'll still receive something every week, but rather than giving you separate essays on the element and numerology of the card we're working with each month, i'll combine them into one longer piece that covers both. you'll still get all of the same content you're getting now, but free subscribers will also now get a new spread delivered to your inbox each month too, starting with this very email.

i'll also share new spreads in my discord server each month, so if you've been thinking about joining one of my paid tiers, that's now an additional perk of being a paid subscriber!

i've spent so much energy over the years creating visual content specifically for instagram — and y'all, i am exhausted. i'm sick of worrying about getting arbitrarily suspended at any time, of having launches disrupted or stressing about what i'm allowed to say. i want to connect with you in more genuine, powerful ways, and for me that means the 3am.tarot conservatory, creating new resources and lectures, discord servers (i spend a lot of time in my own server as well as my partner jeanna's server), and for now, tiktok. this simply feels more in line with where my energy is, and i'm excited to see how it goes.

please follow me on tiktok, check out my CARD TALK podcast, and consider a paid subscription to this newsletter so that we can connect in discord.

and if you're craving a new tarot spread, grab your deck:

grief & change: a spread for willing transformation

card one: something that is changing you. what is having an impact on who you are? what is pushing you, challenging you, forcing you to evolve? what events or emotions or obstacles are stretching you?

card two: a way to make it happen. how can you fully embrace the transformation that you are in the midst of? how can you lean into what is shifting? how can you find the power and purpose in your own growth?

thanks for hanging with me through the ever-evolving shifts in my digital presence. i know the world is really hard, and that there are a lot of demands on your time, energy, and resources. i'm glad you're here 🖤