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october 2022: new moon in scorpio

october 2022: new moon in scorpio

hello, friends! today's new moon in scorpio helps us tap into the energy of the season, plant seeds of transformation, and consider which new cycles we may be in the process of starting.

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new moons always bring the energy of the fool: a desire, an ambition, a need that lives deep within us to leave the old ways behind and embark on something new. and while new moons don't always have to mean starting a massive new project or completely uprooting your life (remember there's a new moon at least once a month! be kind to yourself!), they can invite reflection and awareness around what we may be ready to start.

scorpio, as we recently explored, is connected to the thirteenth archetype of the major arcana: death. this intense energy isn't for the faint of heart, but it does ask us to truly grapple with what we want to hold on to, and what we are ready to release. what has been fading? where has growth slowed down or stopped entirely? are we still feeding something that died long ago? how can we embrace grief and release something that's been weighing us down, clearing the way for something new?

this particular new moon is also a partial solar eclipse, which can bring some tower energy into the mix. transformation is the name of the game, as these three cards together are all about themes of change, movement (both deliberate and rapid), and clearing the way for something new.

our spread for this new moon helps us consider important questions: what does it mean to walk away from something that used to be what we wanted, what we dreamed of? how does grief help us to say goodbye, and when is that choice empowering? where is change already occurring, and how can we embrace it instead of avoiding it?

card one: something you are ready to release. what has been slowing down, stopping, drifting away? what are you ready to surrender?

card two: something that it is time to acknowledge. what truth have you been uncertain of, or even avoiding? what do you know, even if you wish you didn't? how does acknowledging truth help us to grow and change?

card three: a reminder of your power. what beauty is there in goodbyes? how do you understand your power and strength? what would it look like to call your power back, to utilize it in a new or different way?

wishing you a transformative and expansive new moon in scorpio.