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june 17: new moon in gemini AND a fun announcement

june 17: new moon in gemini AND a fun announcement
the sabat tarot

hello, friends. before we get into today's deliciously curious new moon in gemini, a very fun announcement: i've been working with the amazing janet of good sigil to collaborate on a tarot spread collection to accompany her gorgeous new fool pendant necklace, and the duo is available right now for purchase on her website:

janet goodspeed is an incredibly generous and talented artisan, and i've been a fan of her work for a long time. (my kickstarter signet ring is on its way and i could not be more excited!) when i saw that she was working through the tarot and was saving the fool for last, i just had to take a chance and reach out - and luckily for me, she was totally into the idea of a fool-centric collaboration to celebrate the final archetype in her stunning collection.

this handcrafted, sterling silver pendant includes a fool-inspired design on one side (with a sweet lil' dandelion, the same flower i got tattooed on my arm to celebrate my book) and a zero-inspired design on the other. the pendant is heavy and matte and absolutely gorgeous.

images feature cards from the sabat tarot and the marigold tarot

in addition to the necklace, your purchase also includes a brand new 3am.tarot digital spread collection, featuring 22 exclusive spreads pairing the fool with every other card in the major arcana. these three-card spreads will encourage you to find the fool's desire in every archetype, and give room for play, discovery, and new dreams to blossom, no matter where you are in your journey.

i'm so proud of this duo, and i truly hope that you love it too!

today's new moon joins mercury and the sun in gemini, offering opportunities for discovery, expansion, and deep, heart-driven curiosity. gemini loves to question, to know, to understand, and to communicate, and in this new moon in gemini we find an energy of eager examination.