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AMA on instagram today!

AMA on instagram today!

hello, friends - just the quickest little note to let you know that i'm hosting a tarot AMA over on my instagram stories all day today, and you're invited! ask your burning questions about tarot, tarot spreads, my new spread architect program, or just share whatever is on your mind.

i'd love to see you there!

screenshot of instagram. AMA all day monday august 7th in my IG stories / ask me all of your burning questions about tarot spreads, tarot in general, as well as my brand new spread architect program / you can send your questions in through my stories OR you can drop them right here as a comment on this post
somehow that spam comment i deleted is still there, love instagram 🙃

curious about the spread architect program? i'm incredibly excited about this new offering, and you can learn more about it and join the waitlist here: