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spread architect opens tomorrow!

3am.tarot // spread architect

hi, friends! tomorrow morning, i'll be opening up my spread architect tarot spread subscription program for purchase — but this introductory pricing will only be available to folks that signed up for the waitlist. once the program goes public, the price will go up, so if you're interested in receiving a fully custom, personalized tarot spread right in your inbox every month, click the button to learn more and get on the waitlist:

no idea what i'm talking about? read on.

STRENGTH: a tarot spread for finding yours. a strength you remember / a strength you've buried / a strength that is building

tarot spreads are a way of structuring the conversations that we have with our cards: a blueprint, if you will. we may know that we have a question, concern, situation, challenge, or decision that we want the cards' input on — and with a spread, we can get precise about exactly what kind of feedback, support, advice, or insights we might want to receive from our reading.

trying to decide between several options? struggling to find clarity around a sticky situation? feeling confused or frustrated but can't quite figure out why? tarot spreads allow us to create a framework for our reading, to look at a situation from multiple angles, and to get more information at once. rather than a general "what do i need to know about this?" kind of reading (which can be incredibly useful, don't get me wrong!), a longer spread allows us to gain perspective, understand blockages, recognize possibilities, and make more informed decisions.

but sometimes, finding the right tarot spread for our unique question can feel impossible. there are so many great spreads out there, but general spreads can only do so much. often, there may be nuance, details, or layers to a situation that we want to dig into. or, the spread may go in a direction that we aren't interested in. and while tweaking existing spreads can be a great hack, sometimes writing a spread is the best possible option.

that's where i come in, and where spread architect can help support your personal tarot readings.

3am.tarot // spread architect

i've been writing custom tarot spreads for years, for myself and for my clients. it's a powerful, collaborative, beautiful process of discovery, connection, and trust, and it's one of my favorite things to do. but full client readings with customized spreads take a lot of time and energy, which means i have to charge for them accordingly.

by separating the personalized spread writing from a full tarot reading, i can offer this amazing service to you, while also supporting your own ability to read spreads and pull cards for yourself.

using spreads consistently is an amazing way to deepen your tarot practice. and if you've been craving more substantial readings, wanting to feel more confident using spreads, or are eager to work through a particular challenge, situation, topic, or concern in your own life, spread architect may be a great option for you.

remember that joining the waitlist is a no-obligation move — you'll get two free spreads just for signing up, and will also get a notification tomorrow when the program goes live. that's it! if you decide that it's not for you, that's completely okay.

questions? not sure if this is a good fit or not? check out the waitlist page on my website and the recent posts on my instagram, and if you can't find the answers you need (or if you want a more personal check-in to see if this program will work for you), shoot me an email and let's chat.

i'm so excited to offer this service, and i hope you'll consider signing up!