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august 16: new moon in leo

the fool (le mat) from the sabat
the sabat tarot

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as we move into today's offering, a reminder that you can do whatever you like to honor the new moon, which may or may not include the spread below. if all you do today is look up and remind yourself that the moon is still in the sky, whether you can see it or not, that itself is also a moon devotion. don't make your moon rituals more complicated than they need to be. the world is hard, and you too deserve grace.

now, for the new moon in leo.

today's new moon in leo may spark some joyful new inspiration or desire for manifestation, a potent and passionate lunation that invites us to remember what makes us special, magical, and unique. leo is associated with the archetype of strength, that patient and powerful card of intentionality, focus, and determination.

strength reminds us of all of the different ways that power, inspiration, and success can manifest, both internally and externally. it can be easy to get caught in the trap of thinking that ambition or fortitude or determination or victory or stability always look the same way, or mean the same thing to everyone. but we all get to have our own definitions of patience, of attention, of devotion, of prosperity. we all get to have our own metrics for success.

what does it actually mean to accomplish something? what does your version of self-expression look like, feel like? how do we know when we're doing exactly what we're meant to do? where does your courage come from, and what feeds it, nourishes it, sustains it? what does it feel like to move through challenges or conquer obstacles, while remaining dedicated to our deepest and most authentic purpose?