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what does resilience mean right now?

what does resilience mean right now?

hello, friends. at the top of this year, we talked a lot about 2024 as a year of eight: a year of power, of purpose, of discipline. i wrote a few different pieces about this as our collective year of strength, as an opportunity to get focused, intentional, and well-resourced around our most important dreams and ambitions. i also offered a journaling series called strength & starlight, which has proven to be even more relevant than i could've imagined.

strength, justice, and star from the spacious tarot

2024 has been brutal. we're almost nine months into watching overwhelming amounts of violence in palestine, while simultaneously learning more and more about how western empires have been enacting genocides and suffering around the world. corporate greed is at an all time high, COVID is still taking lives daily, and we're in the middle of an election cycle where the two main candidates act like villains in a batman movie.

but we've also seen tremendous, incredible, powerful resistance: from protests and boycotts to encampments and flotillas, the people are speaking up and speaking out, loudly and daily. the anger is palpable, and it's justified. we deserve so much better than the world we are forced to struggle in.

we're halfway through 2024 now, and i'm not the same person i was in january. i bet you aren't either. my understanding of my own capacity and resourcing have shifted more and more with each new month, and i know that i've been craving a chance to regroup, to assess, to reflect on how my perspective continues to evolve, and to continue challenging my own understanding of personal and collective resources.

with that in mind, i'm thrilled to introduce my next community tarot container: resources & resilience.

resources & resilience is a new opportunity to collaboratively read tarot in my private discord server, and it begins on july 1st. if you loved sanctuary of the empress or laughing lovers, my previous card containers, this new offering is going to be right up your alley. and if you weren't able to participate in those past containers, or just want to know more, read on.

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every day in the month of july, we'll look at a tarot card together through the dual lenses of strength and justice, capacity and impact, resources and resilience. we'll consider how each of our daily cards can offer support, guidance, and clarity, on personal and community levels. and we'll engage with concepts of purpose, discipline, ideals, beliefs, devotion, power, and ripple effects, getting real with ourselves and each other about how we can change ourselves, and change the world, with what we already have.

what are your personal resources, and how do you resource yourself? when do you feel resilient, and when do you need help or support in bouncing back? what impact do your actions have, and how do you understand the ripple effects of your own choices? how does what you do (and what you don't do) create real, lasting change? let's find out together.

resources & resilience begins on july 1st and takes place exclusively in the 3am.tarot sanctuary discord server. you can sign up anytime and get immediate access to the discord channels where we'll explore these cards together, and registration will close at the end of the day (EST) on july 1st.

questions? shoot me an email at 3am.tarot@gmail.com and i'd be happy to chat with you about this container!

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