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may & 2024's numerology

may & 2024's numerology

hello, friends! at the top of the month we examined may 2024's numerology more closely, and today we're going to consider how this number intersects and interacts with the broader 2024 energy of eight.

need a refresher on the number eight and our overall energy? you can always revisit my top of the year post looking at this number more closely. (as an aside, i'm also working on a longer separate post that will eventually go out to all subscribers looking at both strength and justice as eight cards, so if you're someone that prefers to read justice as eight and strength as eleven, i'll have something juicy for you soon!)

may 2024 is a four month, and 2024 as a whole is an eight year. together, that means that we have a potent combination of stability, investment, and an eye towards legacy. in other words, this is no time to give up on your dreams: instead, it's time to double down, get organized, and put in the work.

let's get into it.