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hope in the dark tarot readings

hope in the dark tarot readings

hello, friends. as i continue working away on writing two more tarot books this year (book two is currently undergoing copyediting with my publisher, while book three is still taking shape), i want to continue devoting more energy to projects that i'm really excited about: a new mini tarot podcast, this newsletter filled with essays and spreads and encouragement, and another top secret project that i can't tell you about just yet.

as i keep pursuing my dreams of writing and publishing and creating tarot resources, i also need to continue growing my newsletter subscribers. with that in mind, i'll be dropping a few new offers over the next few weeks, with special perks specifically for my paid subscribers. i hope they bring you support, joy, comfort, and inspiration in the weeks and months to come.

the world feels impossibly challenging right now: we’re witnessing genocides and crumbling institutions, losing faith in the systems that we were told to invest and believe in, and often having trouble just meeting our basic needs. if you're struggling, it's not because you're weak or disorganized or unfocused or just haven't found the perfect planner yet. it's because there is a tremendous amount of loss, and most of us do not have the time, space, resources, or support to really sit with it.

grief is real in this world – yet buried in the dark, tucked into shadow, there is hope to be found, too.

while i already have some existing tarot readings that can offer helpful support, and am working to create some additional resources for you too, i also wanted to design a brand new tarot reading to meet this particular moment. you don't have to be alone in your grief, or feel isolated in your struggle to find hope. the tarot can help.

3am.tarot // hope in the dark: a new tarot reading for grief & hope, together

introducing hope in the dark tarot readings: featuring a brand new seven-card spread along with a bonus archetype card to offer you stability and support in the coming days, this audio reading explores grief and hope in equal measure, helping you find and feel the shape of both, together.

this reading is for anyone who could use help naming and sitting in grief or sorrow, while also learning where hope might already exist. in my experience, grief must be named, acknowledged, in order for hope to find a doorway too. we can walk hand in hand with both grief and hope, and the cards can help show us the way.

beyond the audio tarot reading itself, which is delivered in my signature warm and affirming style and includes an AI-generated transcript for accessibility, you'll also receive an additional archetype card, one drawn specifically for support, encouragement, and as a point of strength in moving forward.

there's no point in dancing around the hard stuff, in pretending that challenges and obstacles and upheavals aren't happening every day. with this tarot reading, we'll not only acknowledge and explore the very real grief that you're carrying — we'll also look for the twinkles of light, the glimpses of potential, and the whispers of hope that are taking shape.

how can the cards support you in this moment? let's find out together.

(and if a tarot reading isn't in your budget right now, check out my new priestess' prompts email series, as well as my downloadable spread collections.)

one last thing: as an extra thank you for being here, all paid subscribers can get 20% off of this new reading!

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