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my books are open!

my books are open!
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hello, friends. i'll be back in your inboxes a few more times this month, with some thoughts on the sun's shift into libra season and a spread for the full moon in aries. but i wanted to make a separate post for this particular announcement, as it's been a long time coming: my books are open for tarot readings again!

while i'm bringing back my signature offerings, like my topical audio readings and my fully custom readings, i'm also introducing some new options to the menu. if you already know what you want, you can click the button below to head to my website and book your reading — spots are quite limited right now, but i will be opening up more reading opportunities in october and the months to come.

every reading format is suited for beginners and professionals, but offer different areas of focus and delivery options. wanna know more about each of my tarot reading types? read on.

topical readings: looking for insights and support around relationships, money, decision-making, identity, or another specific topic? got a birthday or anniversary coming up and hungry for a reflection or year-ahead spread? looking for a general check-in? my topical readings are for you.

your purchase includes a recorded audio reading (typically between 25-40 minutes), using a pre-written, four- to six-card spread based on your chosen topic and the tarot deck of your choice, and includes photos of your cards along with an AI-generated transcript.

in addition to being best suited for those who are looking for a reading on a specific subject or area of life, my topical tarot readings are also particularly great for anyone who is newer to tarot and might benefit from a more in-depth explanation of the spread, as i talk through each card in a warm, accessible manner, and explain how they all connect together.

new! archetype readings: know what your birth card or card of the year is, but aren't sure how to connect with it? eager to tap into the energy of a specific archetype, but struggling to figure out what that might look like? pulling the same archetype over and over in personal readings, and trying to discern what wisdom this card might be trying to offer? this is the reading for you.

archetype readings allow us to focus on a particular major arcana archetype from the tarot, and work to connect with, understand, or tap into it more deeply. wonderful for anyone who is looking to build a relationship with their birth card, or who wants to activate a specific energy, this recorded audio reading will take place after a consultation, and uses a general spread that will be tweaked according to your unique questions, exploring the tarot archetype of your choice.

your purchase includes a recorded audio reading (typically between 25-40 minutes), using a pre-written six-card spread and the tarot deck of your choice, and includes photos of your cards along with an AI-generated transcript.

fully custom signature readings: want a completely customized, personalized reading, where every single aspect is created with you in mind? have a more complicated situation, long-term struggle, or big life event? craving an in-depth analysis of the cards, using a unique spread written just for you? you want my signature reading.

my most robust and customizable offering, this written reading is personalized for you from start to finish. after our consultation, where we'll speak in-depth on your questions and challenges, i'll write a tarot spread based on your needs, and will share it with you so that we can ensure that it gets to the heart of your question and offers the kind of support you're looking for. you'll receive a five to seven page written reading, including professional photos and a detailed explanation of every card, along with a broader summary of the reading as a whole, taking bigger themes and patterns into account.

perfect for those with more complex questions, who are looking for a completely custom experience, or who need help sorting through a difficult situation, this reading is suited for beginners and experienced readers alike.

this reading is my most expensive reading option, as it's the most labor-intensive. but this reading also now includes the option for a payment plan, which i hope will make it more accessible for those who want to explore this service. and if you're just interested in purchasing a custom spread from me that you can use yourself, either on a monthly basis or for a specific occasion, my spread architect program is available for sign-up anytime.

and finally, coming soon: live 30-minute sessions: looking for a more collaborative experience? prefer to be able to ask questions on the fly? love having a live experience with a reader? my brand new live video readings might be just what you're looking for.

held on your choice of zoom or moonlight, this reading includes a pre-meeting email consultation and 30 minutes of private, live tarot chat. we'll pull cards together on your question, talk through them, and clarify anything you don't understand in real time, pulling more cards if necessary. while this reading will not be recorded by me, clients are free to record on their own end.

this live option is great for anyone with a fairly straightforward question, anyone who already has a working relationship with the tarot and needs an additional perspective on a situation, or anyone who is looking for a more quick-and-dirty style reading. these readings are more focused and use just three to five cards, letting us dig deep into a situation without the use of a long or complex spread.

these will open exclusively to subscribers on any of my paid tiers (bronze, silver, and gold) in early october, and will only be available for purchase through an exclusive link. please note that there will be an extremely limited number of these 30-minute live video readings, as a way for me to test them out.

depending on how the test run goes, i will likely open up this service to free subscribers at some point in the future. but if you know that you'll want to snag one of these limited live readings, make sure you're subscribed to one of my paid tiers before the end of the month. bronze receives one exclusive spread per month that ties into the card / essay / topic, silver receives at least two spreads per month for the new and full moon phases, and gold gets access to all of the monthly spreads as well as the occasional extra. all three tiers will have access to these live readings, and it will be first-come, first-served.

again, as we are more than halfway through september there are a very limited number of slots for all reading types right now. if you aren't able to snag one, don't worry: i will be opening up more spots in october, including the new live reading format for paid subscribers. the reading link will be included in the october essay email, so keep an eye out on october first for that update.

as always, thank you for being here and for supporting my work.