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magician's lens closes tonight!

magician's lens closes tonight!
magician's lens from 3am.tarot

hello, friends! this is just a quick reminder that my brand new course, magician's lens, begins tomorrow. if you're interested in activating the magician within yourself, engaging with your creative spirit, activating your imagination, and learning to see possibilities in everything, click this button to learn more and join the course:

i've been doing a lot of reels and informational posts over on instagram, including a new tarot spread, a sample exercise, and answering the most common questions about the course. and if you missed the announcement post that i sent out to newsletter subscribers last week, don't miss it — it's packed with information on the class along with three more exclusive tarot spreads.

introducing: magician’s lens!
long-form tarot writing, personal essays, exclusive spreads, and tarot resources, delivered straight to your inbox.

i've been so thrilled with the response to this coursemagician's lens is very near and dear to my heart, and is my first time creating a course that incorporates photography into tarot work. but even if you aren't a writer, photographer, artist, creative professional, or experience tarot reader, this course at its heart is all about connecting with the magician archetype, and learning to see your own ambitions, desires, and longings with the magician's eyes.

if you've been craving movement, excitement, discovery, expansion, imagination, play, and freedom; if you would love to spend six weeks meeting the magician within you; if you are hungry to see your own resources and talents and dreams through the magician's dynamic and badass lens, this is the course for you.

it's honestly not a marketing ploy to say that i'm not sure when (or if) i'll be running this class again. so if you're interested, make sure you snag your spot now:

thank you for letting me share my work with you — it's truly an honor to get to create these courses, and engage more deeply with the tarot in this way.

and if none of my recent offerings have been quite the right fit for you, stay tuned — i'll be opening up for readings next week, and am also planning another new offering for november.

have a fantastic weekend, friends.