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where do you find your strength?

3am.tarot // devils & fools: year of strength
3am.tarot // devils & fools: year of strength

hello, friends! it's been a very difficult few months, and with 2024 just a few weeks away, i wanted send a special note to let you know about all of my end-of-year offerings. there's a lot here, because i know that many of us are looking for ways to meet the moment while also showing ourselves care and compassion. it's my sincere hope that if you're looking to use tarot to support yourself, and to connect with community, at least one of these offerings will meet the brief.

if you haven't already filled out my reader survey, it would be a huge help if you could take a moment to give me your feedback and let me know how you'd like to work with me in the future. i've already gotten some incredibly valuable insights (thank you!!) and have been putting together offers accordingly, so make sure you let me know what you'd love to learn from 3am.tarot in the coming year.

this sunday at 1pm EST, i'll be hanging out with the wonderful chelsey pippin mizzi to chat about finding the fool, tarot, and creativity — and you can join us for free! just click here to register via zoom and bring your questions. i'd love to see you there!

where do you find your strength? what do you lean on when you need support? what helps you keep going? what allows you to keep hoping? how can you step into your power in 2024? i've got a few ways to explore these questions:

if you're looking to work with me one-on-one, i'm also bringing back my limited edition new year tarot readings! while i have an evergreen general year-ahead topical reading for birthdays, anniversaries, and reflection periods, this is a specialty year of eight reading written just for the shift into 2024, with a focus on our universal 2024 archetype of strength. we'll look at your personal number of the year, consider how it works alongside the universal year number of 8, and then pull cards for themes and insights into your year ahead.

year of eight tarot readings

these recorded audio readings include a brief consultation, a recorded reading using your choice of tarot decks, a photo of your cards, and an AI-generated transcript, all for $169.

"Meg's connection and holistic relationship with the cards' many meanings made this reading incredibly accurate in a way that made me feel seen. I am so appreciative of whatever kind of practice Meg has to be present with both the cards and the subject of the reading during the reading, because it was affirming and thought provoking in the best way. The detail of being able to choose the tarot deck or allow Meg to choose the deck was a detail that made the reading that much more special. I allowed Meg to chose my deck and they did not disappoint, and the deck used added a beautiful layer to the experience. I will absolutely be purchasing another reading from Meg. Thank you!"

these readings sold out within 24 hours last year (!), so i'm not putting a cap on them this year. i'll be offering this unique reading through the end of january 2024, and they're available for purchase right now.

“Meg's tarot reading was the touchstone I needed in a time of personal turmoil. Sometimes we benefit from the clarity of an outside perspective, and Meg's brilliant interpretation of her specially crafted tarot spread was exactly what I needed to recenter and focus on my own writing and well-being."

you can also click here to check out my other available readings.

as i've mentioned before, beginning in january i'll be transitioning the silver tier of this newsletter into the year of strength tier, which will include musings and spreads focusing on universal numbers. silver and gold subscribers will receive a monthly missive on our collective number of the month, with insights into how this connects to our universal number of the year. this tier will also receive a brand new, completely exclusive tarot spread, which will explore our collective monthly number.

devils & fools: year of strength

additionally, gold subscribers will get an extra special bonus in 2024: every month, i'll send out a short form where you can request that i pull some cards for you, using one of the many short-and-sweet spreads that i share on my instagram.

“Meg's published tarot spreads are some of the best out there. They are useful, beautiful, and concise. She writes empowering spreads that help you stay calm, show yourself kindness, and always "remember your magic." Meg shows that you don't need to throw down 11 or more cards to get a thoughtful answer.”

while only gold members will be able to submit requests, these anonymous readings will be available to all subscribers, serving as a way to provide insights into how to use spreads in your own work and give back to the folks who support my writing financially! i hope to do a few of these readings per month, depending on how many requests come in.

a reminder too that all paid subscribers now get access to the exclusive 3am.tarot sanctuary discord server! if you aren't already on any of my paid tiers, this is a great time to upgrade, support my work, and get access to some new fun perks in 2024.

lastly, i'm delighted to announce my next month-long course, strength & starlight! designed for personal discovery and tarot reflections, strength & starlight begins on january 1st, and participants will receive an exclusive, brand new tarot spread and set of journal prompts every monday in january, designed to help you set intentions and explore your vision for 2024. filled with open-ended questions, tarot exercises, and creative prompts, this five-week series will help pave the way for your new year.

strength & starlight

appropriate for tarot readers at any level, strength & starlight is a gentle, thoughtful, and accessible way to set the tone for your 2024. these spreads and exercises will allow you to begin tapping into the powerful, focused, devoted energy of the number eight, and to better connect with the archetypes that are associated with this digit.

if you've been feeling powerless, if you're longing to reconnect with your sense of inner strength, if you're ready to feel hopeful again, strength & starlight is for you.

“Meg is a natural teacher...she brings a depth of wisdom to each card that inspires the reader to consider the card from a different perspective and empowers them to tap into their own intuition.”

a number of folks have requested more short-and-sweet classes, so this course will only run during the month of january, and is priced at $88. you can get more details and sign up right now via my website:

i'll have even more for you in the new year, including reference posts for my moon phase spreads, all of my major arcana essays, and my take on the numerology of 2024. since our main archetype for the year is strength, it feels appropriate to harness the power of fire. so now that we've made our way through the entire major arcana, in january we'll begin exploring the suit of wands, one card at a time. we'll be working with these cards of fire all year long.

i know that was a lot. wishing you a safe and restorative december, and thank you for being here!