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how often do you laugh with your tarot cards?

3am.tarot // laughing lovers
3am.tarot // laughing lovers

hello, friends.

with the world feeling so absolutely impossible right now, i've been thinking so much about what i can offer, what i can share, what i can create, what i can do to support the struggle, using my own skills and abilities. (remember that we all have a role to play, and i wrote some tarot spreads about this very idea.) collective grief for the suffering we are witnessing and experiencing feels unavoidable, sorrow and anxiety are interwoven into every part of our days, and it feels like everyone i know is having a really hard time.

everything in me wants to help.

new ways to love: a tarot spread for the lovers archetype, inspired by mary oliver. something that connects / something that delights / something that nourishes
have another tarot spread 🖤

i've been creating a lot of tarot spreads designed to support these tough emotions and impossible circumstances — and i will continue to do so, as i talked about in a recent IG reel. but i've also been thinking about how so often, play and joy and laughter and ease can be deeply necessary access points for these challenges, revealing an easier-to-open door into these complex obstacles. especially in moments when hope feels out of reach, connecting with the cards (and with other people) in lighter ways can help renew us to return to the hard work.

and while i'm very interested in integrating more grief work into my public and private tarot offerings, it will require some additional work to ensure that i can do this safely, responsibly, and inclusively. (i've applied to a facilitation training program, if you'd like to light a candle for me!)

but what i can do right now is hold space for authentic connection, for community and care, for conversation through the tarot, using the tools that i already have. and as truths about our world continue to be revealed, as more and more veils are ripped away, i want tarot to not only be a tool for our heaviest, most serious questions, but also a companion that we can laugh at, play with, and find joy through. i want tarot to be a friend to you, someone you can explore both pleasure and pain with. i want tarot to serve you in magical and mundane ways, to help you remember yourself.

and something that tarot is so damn good at is helping us recognize what, who, and why we love, and what that loves means.


some days, we have needs and questions that we might not be able to identify or clarify. it's why i so intentionally sprinkle playful, silly tarot spreads into my work, in addition sharing more serious, introspective ones: because the cards can be whatever we need them to be, no matter where we begin. the tarot can connect us with all of the many, endless forms that love can take.

and starting with love and laughter sometimes feels a lot more inviting than beginning a tarot conversation with the hardest question we can think of.

my latest offering is inspired by these desires: to hold space in a way that feels both poignant and easeful, to invite conversation with as little pressure as possible, to allow anyone who wants to speak to have a voice in readings and conversation, to build community based around shared desires and shared values.

and if any of this appeals to you, keep reading.

3am.tarot laughing lovers: a month-long, community-centered tarot discovery container designed to help you find pleasure in your practice

laughing lovers is a 28-day guided community experience devoted to play, pleasure, connection, discovery, responsibility, and conversation. every day in february, i'll share a tarot card (many chosen with intention, with a few additional randomly chosen cards from the deck sprinkled in) and share some initial thoughts on how the card can connect to love, relationship, devotion, community, duty, and care. but these will just be starting points: everyone is encouraged to share their own meanings for these cards, to consider how they intersect with the lovers archetype, to question and chat and laugh and play, to offer stories or songs or anything else that comes up.

because that's the thing: the lovers isn't just a card about romantic love with one person. the lovers is about anything and anyone we are devoted to: partners yes, but also natal and chosen families, neighbors, friends, coworkers, pets, children, parents, ancestors, communities, social groups, plants, nature, art, beauty, science, the world itself, the stars beyond our world.

the lovers offers us the chance to consider what we are in reciprocal relationship with: where we share our energy and time and care, what we tend to, where we pour our love and what that love looks like in action.

when we look at tarot cards through the lens of the lovers, we can find love, devotion, responsibility, and reciprocity. and by having consistent conversations about these ideas, in an open and casual format, it will expand all of our perspectives on this gorgeous, expansive, and wildly necessary archetype.


if you've been struggling to implement a consistent tarot practice, if you've been craving tarot-curious community, if the lovers archetype feels inaccessible, or if you only reach for your tarot cards in moments of challenge or sorrow and want to add some lightness to your practice, laughing lovers is for you.

it doesn't matter how long you've been working with tarot (even if it's only been a day) — this space has a seat with your name on it, if you want it.

we officially begin on february 1st, which will be the last day to join this container. but if you sign up early, you'll get immediate access to the 3am.tarot sanctuary, a warm and sweet space of tarot seekers and readers. laughing lovers will have private channels for our conversations, but participants will also be able to connect with all members of the server, and contribute to the larger community that we're building together.

ready to add some play, joy, connection, and expansion to your tarot practice? i hope to see you there.