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last chance for a handwritten tarot reading!

last chance for a handwritten tarot reading!
ten of cups from the black seed tarot

hello, friends! earlier this month i shared an offer for handwritten single-card tarot readings for paid newsletter subscribers, and i just wanted to remind you that this offer will close at midnight EST tomorrow, june 23rd.

you can sign up for any of my paid subscription tiers and get a single-card tarot reading, using a beautiful indie tarot deck, in the mail. and if you're already a paid subscriber, just tell someone about devils & fools (social media posts count!) and you can get one too.

get all of the details and access the form right here. you'll also find a fresh invite to my 3am.tarot sanctuary discord server at the bottom of the post, since all paid subscribers get access to this community space too!

i'm pulling all of the cards at the same time, so i'll start working on these once i have the full list, and will get them in the mail within the next couple of weeks.

i also wanted to remind you of a few other cool things that are available for signup: the 3am.tarot conservatory, with a variety of robust tarot courses to support your ongoing tarot education; next level tarot, a three-lecture series that will help you strengthen your multi-card tarot readings; and resources & resilience, a beautiful new tarot study container that begins on july 1.

new episodes of CARD TALK are released every thursday, and i'm also working on an amazing new project with some of my favorite people that i can't wait to share with you! more on that soon.

stay safe out there, and thanks for being here 🖤