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five of wands // the element of fire

five of wands // the element of fire
five of wands from the slutist tarot

hello, friends. earlier this month we looked at the five of wands and its general vibes: friction, movement, a desire for change. we've also considered how the number five impacts the card in a big way. and paid subscribers received a brand new spread on this card just a few days ago.

today we'll be examining the element of fire more closely, and noting how its inherent qualities contribute to the overall impact of this card.

if you like, light a candle and take a moment to study the flame itself. look at how it dances, what it produces, what it consumes. what do you see? what do you feel? what can you observe? how does even a small flame change the atmosphere of wherever you are? breathe deep. what does fire offer?

the element and reality of fire itself is beautifully unpredictable. fire is wild, captivating, powerful, and dangerous. but fire within the tarot is tied specifically to the soul: that flicking flame that lives within us, which makes us alive and uniquely ourselves. our fire is our passion, our magic, our enthusiasm. whatever drives you to keep getting out of bed in the morning, whatever lights you up from the inside out, whatever makes you feel like life is worth living: that is your fire.

gif of molten metal being forged into a ring from lord of the ring: rings of power

if four's fire energy is a fireplace, a wood stove, a protected place for fire to burn steadily, i see five's fire as a forge: a place of heat and friction and transformation. a space where fire can burn powerfully hot, can be used as a tool, can melt something down and create something new.

forges have a purpose. even if they may seem chaotic and dangerous (and can be, if used without intention or thoughtfulness or respect), forges are used to melt down something that was, and turn it into something new. it can breathe new life into an old, worn-down object. or it can sharpen and remake something existing, so that it can be stronger, more precise, more useful.

and with the five of wands, we walk that fiery edge between transformation that frees, and recklessly burning things down without even meaning to. the five of wands demands that we combine rigorous interrogation with sitting in tension, that we are willing to ask and answer hard questions and then actually act on the truths we reveal.

in other words, the five of wands is not a particularly easy energy to utilize — but it's also an essential one to explore, especially in this current moment in history.

five of wands from the slutist tarot

everything fire touches is changed, permanently and powerfully. even if it feels like we're bound up, trapped and unable to move in any direction, fire reminds us that even a small spark can quickly become a roaring, transformative flame.

unless we give up fighting, we are never truly powerless.

as you consider the five of wands, remember how the element of fire brings the heat, the light, the magic to this card. remember how potent fire can be: not just in its greedy, glorious consumption, but also in its ability to refine and remake and rebirth.

what does it mean to walk through fire and come out the other side? how are we constantly transforming, simply by refusing to quit? what is heating up, and how is that intensity spurring you into faster, more focused action?

how does your fire show itself in moments of anger, fear, desire? what shape does your fire take? and if you let your fire burn bravely, freely, what might it help you recognize and embrace about yourself?

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