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ready to level up your tarot practice?

ready to level up your tarot practice?

over the last year or so, i've devoted a lot of time and energy to building out resources for tarot beginners, from foundational lectures to supportive prompts to a new podcast. it's really important to me to have as many free and accessible resources as possible, and to make sure that new seekers feel supported with everything that they need to embark on their tarot journey.

but there comes a point when we're no longer beginners, and we're ready for more. more challenges, more support, more complexity in readings. we want to go bigger, go deeper, push ourselves in new directions.

we want to step it up. and if this sounds like you, i've got something exciting on the way.

my brand new three-lecture series, next level tarot, is designed for intermediate tarot readers who want to tackle bigger, more complicated tarot readings. through this resource, you'll explore spreads and multi-card readings, more clearly see the stories within the cards, and feel deeper confidence when navigating cards that seem like they contradict one another.

if you've been craving practical, in-depth guidance for expanding your personal tarot readings, next level tarot is for you. you can pre-order right now for delivery on july 1st, 2024.

next level tarot includes:

lecture one: spreads & multi-card readings. we'll identify the differences between types of larger readings, cover strategies for working with both tarot spreads and open-ended tarot readings, understand the importance of clear questions, and practice reading the cards together.

lecture two: weaving cards together. we'll explore the different ways to connect cards to one another in readings, dig into the context of each card, and practice telling stories with our readings.

lecture three: cards in opposition. we'll discuss how to handle card combinations that don't immediately make sense, work to understand what is tripping us up or throwing us off, and practice reading contradictory cards together.

each lecture will be presented in both video and audio formats for maximum accessibility, and also includes an AI-generated transcript. plus, you'll get an additional PDF for each lecture that offers some suggested exercises to help you expand your skills and build confidence. and you'll be able to stream or download everything right away, learning at whatever pace suits you best.

if you're eager to go even further, next level tarot will also be added to the 3am.tarot conservatory! these intermediate lectures are a natural extension to my beginner's foundation series, and will help support you through these larger and more robust classes. it only makes sense for me to open the doors to the conservatory again, so if you're ready for deeper tarot studies and access to over $1000 of original, robust materials for a low monthly rate, you can learn more and walk through the conservatory doors right now.

i'm so excited to build out more intermediate level resources for you, and i've also got some new archetype studies and journaling resources on the horizon. if you haven't checked out 3amtarot.com recently, there's plenty to explore!

and if a new series isn't in the budget right now, don't forget that my podcast CARD TALK is completely free to access — and isn't just for beginners. listen to episodes, access transcripts, and provide support for the pod right here.