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six of wands // the number six

six of wands // the number six
six of wands from the wild unknown tarot

hello, friends. we've looked at the general vibes of the six of wands already, and today we're going to dig into the numerology of the six of wands.

in marseilles-style reading traditions, we focus on elements and numbers as correspondences that guide our interpretations. and by doing so, we make space for the minor arcana cards to hold many layers of meaning and complexity beyond a handful of keywords. i've found so much magic and depth within numerology in tarot readings, and i hope that in focusing on how specific numbers contribute to broader card meanings, you'll feel that magic too. (reminder that if you're also fascinated by numerology, i've got a free introductory lecture on the subject!)

six from the celestial bodies oracle

as a digit, six is most commonly associated with family, reciprocity, care, and responsibility. this is a number of community and collective, relationship and partnership, thinking about how what we do impacts not only us but the people around us, the people who witness us, the people who are part of our regular orbit. within this number we find a certain sweetness, a desire to deepen intimacy and vulnerability with those who mean the most to us. but there can also be a kind of pressure, a need to get everything done or show up for everyone that can lead to stress, frustration, or even resentment.

the number six comes on the heels of five's desire for change, beginning the second half of the numerological sequence of one to nine. in this way, it can feel like both a fresh start and also a reckoning: giving ourselves an opportunity to be more fully ourselves, while also recognizing that our recent actions may have consequences.

even the best choice can have a ripple effect. with six, we are allowing ourselves to recalibrate, to settle into a new way of being, and to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with those who have the same vision that we do.

and in the tarot, sixes ask us to be real about what we have done to get to where we are — and how we are going to ensure that all of that risk, all of that movement, all of that passion, was worth the effort.

six of wands from the wild unknown tarot

within the six of wands, we can see how six contributes a lot to our understandings of this card. there's a sense of relief and new power, of joy and exuberance and a desire to celebrate all that we have moved through. there's also fierce, fiery pride: the knowledge that we have gone through a kind of initiation and come out the other side renewed, even reborn.

and we are not alone in this excitement, this leveling up: we are connected to others through a fire-fueled web of passion and purpose, assembling our wands and gathering strength from one another for the back half of our journey. this is dependable connection, relationships built on authenticity, a generosity in building each other up. in this kind of energy, everyone gets their flowers, their moment in the sun, their chance to step into the spotlight.

as moira rose would say, when one of us shines, all of us shine.

as you work with this card more closely, consider how six shows up throughout the tarot. what are your understandings of the lovers and devil archetypes, and how do you see this kind of reciprocity, connection, and responsibility represented? how do you see these meanings shift when looking at the other minor arcana sixes?

and how could the six of wands become a beacon of collective pride when it emerges for you in future readings?

i'll be back with more on the six of wands next week. in the meantime, have you listened to the latest episodes of CARD TALK yet?