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last call for the 3am.tarot conservatory!

last call for the 3am.tarot conservatory!

friends! the doors to the 3am.tarot conservatory are closing tomorrow, april 28th at 9pm EST. this is your final call to join the first conservatory class and gain more confidence, clarity, and courage in your tarot practice:

in case you've been on the fence, here are the answers to a few of the most common questions i've been asked about this membership program:

is the conservatory beginner-friendly? absolutely! with lectures designed specifically for beginners and a variety of self-paced studies, the conservatory is appropriate for tarot students at all levels — even professionals who are looking for new ways to explain cards to their own clients. no matter who you are, there's multiple resources that will be perfect for your practice.

how does the subscription work? after signing up and making your first monthly payment of $55, you'll immediately gain access to a welcome video that will introduce you to the materials in the conservatory and tell you where to find them. you'll also be able to check out the suggested curriculums that i've created based on your goals, and find an invitation to the 3am.tarot sanctuary discord server. every month, you'll be automatically charged $55 for ongoing access to the materials, and you can cancel at any time.

all subscribers get access to the full library of materials, and you can work through them in any order, at any pace, on any schedule.

from clients & students: "if you want to dig deeper into tarot, if you want to move beyond fixed definitions to discover personal connections to the cards, these classes are for you." -amber

will you be opening this again in the future? i will! but i'm not sure when. (and that's not a marketing ploy — it's just the truth.) i'm currently developing a schedule for office hours with the students that are already enrolled (and figuring out a format that works for the most people), and will be able to better assess how much time each student needs in terms of support after a few months of the program running. i will likely open the conservatory up at least once more in 2024, but i can't make any promises about when that will be.

can i download the course materials? the course materials available through the conservatory are only available for streaming while connected to the internet, and are not downloadable. everything is hosted on my website, so you'll be able to access each course and lecture on your phone, tablet, or computer, but you will need an internet connection.

what is included in my membership? the conservatory includes all four tarot foundations lectures, my popular devils & digits tarot numerology course, the magician's lens imagination archetype course, and strength & starlight, a journaling series for personal power. members also get access to a private section of the sanctuary discord server for connecting with other students and getting consistent support, can ask me questions anytime and participate in office hours, and also receive discounts on all courses that i publish for as long as their membership is active.

3am.tarot conservatory: offering monthly, ongoing access to my most popular tarot courses, the 3am.tarot conservatory is designed to support your tarot studies, at your pace, on your timeline.

ready to join the first conservatory class and begin, expand, or transform your relationship with the tarot? snag your spot right now:

and if you've got another question or are trying to figure out if the conservatory is a good fit for you, feel free to shoot me an email. i'd be happy to chat with you.