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four of wands // creative prompts

four of wands from the wild unknown tarot (left), the numinous tarot (center), and the gay marseilles (right)
four of wands from the wild unknown tarot (left), the numinous tarot (center), and the gay marseilles (right)

hello, friends. after examining the four of wands through a general perspective, and also digging more deeply into the number four and the element of fire, today's final piece on this card is a bit more free-form, and a lot more interactive.

the following creative prompts can be used for basically anything you like: developing a new character for a book or show or game, writing poetry or nonfiction or music, putting together colors or textures for an art piece in any medium, cooking a meal or mixing a drink, or anything else you like. you can also use them as journal prompts, imagination exercises, or conversation starters.

the sky is the limit! see where these prompts take you, and enjoy the ride.

four of wands from the wild unknown tarot (left), the numinous tarot (center), and the gay marseilles (right)
four of wands from the wild unknown tarot (left), the numinous tarot (center), and the gay marseilles (right)

how do you feel when the four of wands comes forward in a reading? what comes up within you first? which keywords come to mind, and where did those definitions come from? when has this card shown up in a reading and had a big impact on you, on your perspective, or on your intentions? how do your emotions shift or intensify when you see this card?

how might the four of wands serve as advice? how could it offer insight? what wisdom and experience might this card have to share? how do you understand this card in readings?

if you were to step into this card as an environment, place, or event, what would it feel like? what would you see, smell, hear? what kind of people, animals, things would you find there? how would you feel inhabiting that space? is it a place you would like to go back to, or one that feels uncomfortable? how might that space inspire you?

if the four of wands was a person, what might they look like? what would their energy be? when they walked into a room, how would it shift the vibe? who would they hang out with? what would they be interested in? what kinds of questions would they ask of themselves, and others? what would they be devoted to?

what songs remind you of this card? what tastes or smells make you think about the four of wands? do you associate any particular movements or motions with this card? do you think of a specific color or texture?

what would the four of wands represent as a story beat? what moment in the adventure might this card speak to? does this card represent stability to you, or does it feel more movement-oriented?

and if you were to embody the energy of this card, to fully embrace it as a part of you, how would that energy manifest? what would you do first?

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