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devils & fools, v.2

what's next and ways to support my work
devils & fools, v.2

hello, friends. if you read my last update you may be surprised to see another new post here on substack. rather than tacking this new information onto my may 1 essay as planned, i wanted to split it out into a separate post with the full, most recent update on this newsletter’s future.

due to stripe’s recent decision to no longer permit me to use their payment processing services, i have no way to continue charging subscription fees for my newsletter on this platform. i’ve looked into returning to patreon, setting up shop on medium or ghost, or even cobbling together multiple services to host a newsletter on my own website - but all of these options are prohibitively expensive or unnecessarily complicated. the downside is that it makes the most sense for me to keep my writing here, on substack, in spite of my previous efforts to leave this platform. but the upside is that because substack works exclusively with stripe, even if i stay here, neither service will make a dime off of me or my work.

what this means is that for now, devils & fools along with its archives will remain right here. all subscriptions will be free, and subscribers will receive longform tarot essays, updates and announcements when i publish new offerings, and the occasional exclusive tarot spread. i am pausing my new moon posts for the time being, but may eventually bring them back into the publishing schedule. i will be keeping comments closed for now, but hope to open them up again soon.

as i’ve mentioned, paid subscriptions through stripe are no longer an option. but in the many DMs, emails, and private messages that i received (which i am slowly working my way through responding to, and which absolutely warmed my heart - thank you!), a lot of people still wanted to know how they could support me financially. i am overwhelmed with gratitude at this, and have come up with a few different solutions.

the first is that if you would like, you can always offer a tip or donation through paypal. i’ve worked with paypal for years to process my tarot readings, e-books, and donations through my website, and have never had issues with them, so this is a great option if you’d like to send a one-time or an occasional financial contribution. i’m also on venmo (@megjoneswall) if you prefer that method.

the second, brand new option, is that if you’d like to set up recurring donations (or a subscription, if you will), you can now do so through paypal! because of the way that substack is set up, i will have no way to send unique or exclusive content to paid subscribers directly through this platform. but for those that elect to financially support my work on an ongoing basis, i will be putting together some tarot spread collections, discount codes, and other goodies, and will send these out (most likely through a different service or directly from my email account) on an occasional basis.

if you’d like to support my work in this way, i have set up paypal subscription options for $2/month, $5/month, $10/month, and $20/month. and if you’d like to contribute regularly at a different amount, or have any trouble setting up a subscription, just drop me a line and i’m happy to help.

purchasing my study guides and e-books is also an amazing way to support my ongoing work. i have a tarot 101 guide, a 78-card study guide, an unlocking archetypes major arcana study, and a single-card study on the fool, all of which you can download anytime through my website.

i am also available for custom readings again, and have just opened up my books for may. as subscribers, you get first dibs on this limited number of readings, and i’d love to work with you! you can book a reading with me right now through my website.

and lastly, if you’re not in a position to financially support my work, sharing and subscribing makes such a difference in beating the algorithms and helping new people find me. saving and reposting my instagram readings, sharing my published pieces on social media, and leaving comments on posts, stories, and reels all help boost visibility. i’m on instagram and twitter, and would love to connect with you there.

thank you for hanging with me through uncertainty, for your generous and compassionate notes, for letting me know what my work has meant for you. i am so glad that we can continue to connect in this way, and am looking forward to what the future for this newsletter holds.

be well, please get vaccinated, and i’ll be back in a few days with a new tarot essay.