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which queer tarot deck are you? quiz & resources

which queer tarot deck are you? quiz & resources
tarot of the divine, ok tarot, this might hurt tarot, numinous tarot, rosebud tarot, and next world tarot

hello, friends! if you follow me on instagram you might've seen the poll in my stories collecting queer tarot decks - specifically, decks made by queer artists and creators.

and if you were wondering what i was working on, the wait is over: i've been slowly compiling a list of queer tarot decks to serve as a jumping off point for anyone that is craving more representation in their readings: by us and for us. in addition to putting together this resource, i also wrote this fun quiz for autostraddle: which queer tarot deck are you? which you can take right now!

i personally identify as queer/bisexual and non-binary/genderqueer (still figuring out my exact language for this but my pronouns are she/they), and proudly use the word queer as a broad collective term for anyone in the LGBTQIA+ community. queer definitively includes trans, non-binary, tw0-spirit, intersex, and gender non-conforming folks of all stripes, as well as anyone on the asexual or aromantic spectrum. (if you feel queer, you're queer - welcome to the family. and if you don't support trans people, kindly fuck off.)

putting together this list has been a labor of love, one that i hope brings you joy, inspiration, and a sense of community. queer people are amazing, and we deserve to see ourselves represented in our magical objects, spiritual practices, and everyday imagery.

please note that the following list is simply a jumping off point, based mainly on decks that i personally have worked with and creators that are publicly out as queer. this is absolutely not a definitive or complete list (there are literally thousands of tarot decks out there! what a time to be alive!), but is a great place to start if you're looking for some queer-created, 3am.tarot-approved decks to add to your collection.

i will continue to update this list as i learn more, and as more queer decks make their way into the world. if you have a deck that i should add to this list, check out the form at the bottom of this post.

decks made by queer creators

This Might Hurt Tarot
The Modern Witch Tarot
The Queer Tarot
The Next World Tarot
The Black Queer Tarot
Fyodor Pavlov Tarot
The Numinous Tarot
The Pasta Tarot
The Fat Folks Tarot
The OK Tarot
The Gentle Tarot
The Tarot of the Divine
Botanica Tarot
The Big Gay Tarot Deck
Outsider Tarot
Dust II Onyx: A Melanated Tarot Deck
Fifth Spirit Tarot
Queers & Queens Tarot
The Rosebud Tarot
The Cosmic Slumber Tarot
Talisman Tarot
Transient Light Tarot
The Shrine of the Black Medusa Tarot
Slutist Tarot
Dark Days Tarot
Mother Tarot

honorable mentions (queer decks that are no longer in print)

Thea's Tarot
Slow Holler Tarot
Lubanko Tarot

for more queer decks, i would also highly encourage you to check out asali earthwork's gorgeous series tarot of the QTPOC, indie tarot, and little red tarot's deck shop.

know of a deck that should be on this list? let me know!

i'm slowly on the mend after having covid last week, but you can still work with me by signing up for my new class (written before i got sick, thank all the goddesses)! i'll also be sharing a sneak preview of my book, finding the fool, with gold subscribers in the month of february, so if you aren't a paid subscriber and have been thinking about signing up, now is a great time to do so.

thank you for reading!