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the tower spread

for transformation, understanding, and freedom
the tower spread

this month, it feels important to offer tarot spreads that will help us understand and perhaps even embrace the powerful, permanent shifts that are occurring. eclipse season is always intense, and with major transformations happening in our collective communities through the pandemic, and huge shifts developing through this necessary revolution, adding in personal upheaval may feel like too much to bear. but if we can take things one eclipse at a time, can remember to rest and breathe between shifts, we may find that this time is one we look back on with appreciation and even relief. eclipses reveal so much about who we are, where we’re going, and what we want, and this eclipse season offers multiple chances for us to discover how we care for others and ourselves, what we crave from our communities, and how we are evolving both personally and collectively.

in tarot, eclipses are connected to the tower. and while this archetype is usually considered one of the most frightening and unpredictable in the deck, it can also carve out opportunities for us to release situations or relationships or ideas that have been holding us back. although the tower does tear things down, can sometimes feel like jumping without a net, this archetype only breaks things that have needed to broken, things that we might not have found the courage or strength to release on our own. and in the same way, eclipses offer revelations, giving us a chance to shift our course and rebuild something better, something stronger.

with two more eclipses on the horizon, you may find yourself being challenged, pushed, stretched to the absolute limit. this spread is designed to help you clarify what is happening, while also offering reminders of ways to anchor and ground yourself, to care for yourself in the midst of turmoil. the tower’s goal is to reveal - so instead of fighting to solve every single problem or understand every single change as it comes, take this time to listen, to breathe, to pay attention. make sure you are being gentle with yourself, taking intentional breaks from awareness to find rest and comfort. the cracks that this eclipse season will reveal may take months or even years to fully resolve, so be patient, and honor the new cycle of destruction and creation that is beginning.

in addition to this exclusive spread for subscribers, i also recently published a more general eclipse season spread over at astrology answers. this pair of spreads offers you new ways to think through all that is shifting, and will hopefully allow you to find some new insights and truths in the midst of turmoil.

be safe and be well, friends.