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five of wands // creative prompts

five of wands // creative prompts
five of wands from the anthropologist tarot (left), the slutist tarot (center), and the spacious tarot (right)

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this month, we've examined the five of wands in a general sense, and have considered ways that the element of fire and the number five help shape this card's meaning. our final piece in this month's series, as always, is all about creativity.

the following prompts can be used for journal prompts, card meditations, character studies, world building, artistic inspiration, free writes, or anything else your beautiful heart desires.

five of wands from the anthropologist tarot (left), the slutist tarot (center), and the spacious tarot (right)

what do you observe in the five of wands? what keywords or meanings come to mind first when you think about this card? how do you understand it in your personal readings?

if you step into this energy intentionally, what does it feel like? what is the environment of the five of wands? what's the vibe? when might it be helpful to deliberately activate this energy? when is it the last thing you want to feel? how does utilizing the five of wands allow you to see a situation differently, or understand yourself in a new way?

do you know anyone that consistently brings this energy to a space or situation? how might a character embody this energy, either when dealing with certain challenges or as a general set of personality traits? what does that look like? how is this useful?

how do you understand a forge, a transformative fire, a deliberate metamorphosis? how does this metaphor help you understand or refine your perspective on the five of wands? how does fire itself manifest in the five of wands?

what does this card sound like? what does it taste like? how does it smell, look, feel? how does it impact a space or situation when it emerges? and what does it feel like when this energy recedes?

how does the five of wands teach you about passionate adventure, about authenticity, about acknowledging tension or friction or conflict? what does it mean that the five of wands is actually comfortable navigating discomfort? how is the five of wands willing to engage with obstacles and challenges? and how does this card turn mischief into magic?

what are you learning to love about the five of wands? how has your understanding of this card shifting and expanded over time? how might this be an energy that you're ready to more actively engage with, or even pursue with intention?

when have you been a disruptor, a revolutionary, a changemaker? what does it mean to sit with the tension, to embrace friction, to be willing to make noise? how can this card teach you about courage, about freedom, about being willing to step outside the status quo and pursue something new and different?

happy creating and happy dreaming, friends.