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order in the court, upcoming resources, and a quick survey

order in the court, upcoming resources, and a quick survey

hello, friends. i've been slowly putting together a new offering on grief, but realized that what's been tripping me up in completing this resource is the format. i know we all learn differently, and i want to make this resource as accessible as possible, for as many folks as possible.

this inspired me to send out a new short survey to folks who have downloaded or purchased products from my website, and i wanted to send the same one to you. i would love to hear from you about your preferred course formats, what would support you best right now, and how you like to learn. every question is optional, and any information you're willing to share with me is invaluable.

it's really important to me to be creating courses and offerings that meet the moment and serve as many folks as possible, so let me know what you're dreaming about, where you could use help, or what might feel particularly nourishing. thank you in advance for any insights you're willing to offer!

the world is really, really hard right now. some days it feels like i'm absolutely drowning in grief, and i know i'm not alone in that feeling. but i also know that tarot can be a beautiful and supportive companion for grief — that it can offer comfort and clarity, resources and encouragement, even in our darkest moments. the tarot has really shown up for me lately, helping me name heavy emotions and gently showing me what to do with them.

if you're struggling too, i want to remind you that i have a brand new tarot readinghope in the dark, that's available for purchase right now if you could use some one-on-one support from the cards. (a note that i will be traveling from june 6th-15th, so readings purchased during that time will be delivered later than my usual one-week turnaround time.)

a number of folks have requested this, so i also wanted to let you know that order in the court, my in-depth resource on the court cards, is once again available, this time in a self-paced format! multiple students who participated in the first round of this course have called this course "completely transformative," and were thrilled to find new tenderness and joy in their relationships with these cards overall. whether you struggle to understand these cards in your readings, or love court cards and are looking for a new way to engage with them, order in the court offers a completely new framework for understanding and celebrating all 16 figures of the tarot's court.

lastly, i'm planning to open the 3am.tarot conservatory back up in june or july! if you missed the first wave and have been eagerly waiting for another chance to dig into my most robust and beloved tarot courses, stay tuned.

i'll be back in a few days with a new essay on the six of wands that i'm so excited to share with you. thank you for being here!