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from the chariot to strength

the shift from cancer to leo season
from the chariot to strength

hello, friends. we’re on the tail end of cancer season, having moved through this emotional time of balancing boundaries with finding new freedoms, and are rapidly approaching the fiery time of leo. we have a second new moon in cancer tomorrow, another opportunity to see how these energies tangle and shift. and after the thoughtful, deliberate movement of the chariot, after fixing our gaze on an important goal and achieving victory, the archetype of strength reminds us of the need for balance. together, these cards speak of pride and power, of accomplishment, of recognizing how we move and what we are striving for. but what lives between the chariot’s determined movement and strength’s quiet boldness? how do we go from powerful movement into intentional stillness? what motivates this shift, and what can we learn from the transition?

the lovers, the chariot, and strength

back in gemini season, the lovers asked us to explore how we work with others, what dealing with partnerships and intellectual ideas helps us learn about ourselves. after recognizing what we desire, after celebrating what we love about ourselves and where we are craving growth, we have taken a bold step forward with the chariot, carved out a new path forward while simultaneously establishing safety and community care. the magic between these cards is all about self-confidence, finding joy in our path, recognizing what we want and taking a big step forward towards achieving it.

but as we shift into leo season on the heels of this confident and necessary victory, the archetype of strength asks us what we have learned about ourselves from this new experience. now that we’ve tested the waters, put the theories and ideas of gemini into intentional, purposeful practice with cancer, what new fires are growing? what wildness have we uncovered within ourselves? when do we prioritize control, gently quieting that new blaze into gentle embers, and when do we let the flames of excitement and creativity burn brightly?

we tend to see the card of strength as an archetype of patience and maturity, restraint, wisdom. in some versions of this card, a delicate figure stands next to a lion, seeming to subdue it with words of quiet awareness and personal power - but in this interpretation from the wild unknown tarot, the lion stands alone, holding a delicate blossom in its powerful jaws. there are valuable lessons here, reminders that it’s important to wait for the right moment to speak or act or choose. yet there’s so much more to this archetype than simply calm stoicism: strength is about balancing our wildest impulses and most instinctive desires for dominance with the world that we live in, the expectations that we are beholden to. it’s easy to see this card as an urging to be in full control of ourselves, but if we dig deeper we can see that sometimes, our wildness can be an asset. it takes time and experience to understand when to wield each of our tools, and there are absolutely moments when we need to be fierce and feral, when we must stand up for what we believe in, when revealing our rage and fire and passion is not only useful but deeply, profoundly necessary.

in these times of revolution and uprising, when so many are finally waking up to the systemic racism and white supremacy and violent inequalities that the united states was built upon, knowing when to step into our anger is vital. yet there are also times when we must be calm, must wait for the right moment, must gather our resources and care for our communities and create spaces for rest and recovery. leo has so much to teach us about confidence and independence, and within the archetype of strength we see a person that knows how to balance their fire and their earth.

from movement to growth

in those moments after our chariot crosses the finish line, we scream with joy and pride and victory, recognizing just how far we have come, how hard we have worked, how much we have achieved. and as we turn to head back to our safe, lovely, protected home, there’s a deep contentment that begins to settle over us. we feel satisfied with what we have found, and as we take time for much needed rest and reflection, we are able to remember the power of movement, the courage that it took for us to reach that big goal. we can hold on to that sensation even as we slow down, can maintain awareness of both emotions. in the quiet moments that follow, we gain new insights into who we are from our pleasure in the rush of speed as well as our joy in observation and conscious growth.

the chariot’s speed and energy may make it feel like an archetype of fire, but cancer’s water reminds us that this an intentional and deliberate energy, one that is born from our most intuitive, emotional depths. in the same way, strength may feel like a card of water, still and observant, with endless insight and complexity - yet this archetype of fire asks us how we balance our passion and our purpose, gives us space to celebrate all of our facets. and while there may be moments during this season of leo that require boldness, power, and brilliance, the certainty of our ability to be patient and focused helps us maintain harmony between these different aspects.

strength encourages us to honor both sides of ourselves: that passionate, creative fire burning alongside intuitive, sensitive water. and while leo loves the spotlight, experiences such rich highs when they are reaching for the stars, their natural artistry and deep loyalty make them a natural bridge between these times of water and fire.

the shift into leo season in a few days invites us to embrace our fire, to honor how far we have come and remember all that we have learned so far. and whether it feels like your energy is slowing down or you find yourself building up new momentum, leo seasons wants you to remember what makes you unique, where your magic comes from. what have you achieved in cancer season? how has the chariot’s drive inspired you to keep reaching for more? and what new confidence and courage can you harness as we prepare to step into this new season?

the new moon in cancer

in addition to this upcoming shift into leo season, we also have a new moon in cancer tomorrow. the first one occurred alongside a solar eclipse, and while this second cancer new moon may feel a bit quieter, it’s still an opportunity for reflection and awareness, to consider how we care for ourselves and others, to pay attention to the boundaries we’ve established and any new ones we hope to introduce. what experiences and emotions have shaped you? what new freedoms are you pursuing? how are you reaching for success, and what would it look like to carve out a path that reflects all of the parts of yourself?

we tend to see the chariot as a surge of energy and power, racing forward. but cancer’s energy is quiet and deliberate, thoughtful, radiating with purpose. if we think of the chariot as movement without looking back, a transition into a new era or space or way forward, then this new moon provides yet another opportunity for a fresh start. and when we look at the fool and the chariot together, we find an energy that’s cautious but ambitious, eager and brave, ready to level up. we balance the uncertainty of our future with the bold confidence of our present, stay fully immersed in the work that we are doing at this very moment. this moon asks us to move with deliberation, purpose, to trust in ourselves and the transition that we are moving through. where are you going? what are you pursuing? how are you experiencing victory, and what new possibilities does this shift invite?

leo season begins on july 20th, so make sure you’re following me on instagram or twitter for updates on my next round of tarotscopes. i’ll also have a tarot spread for the new moon in cancer up on instagram tomorrow, if you want to incorporate a personal reading into your moon ritual. be safe and be well, friends.

photos feature cards from the wild unknown tarot. all images by meg jones wall.