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from the lovers to the chariot

exploring the shift between gemini and cancer season
from the lovers to the chariot

hello, friends. a few days ago we shifted from gemini season to cancer season, moving through the archetypes of the lovers and the chariot. and while we are now within the time of cancer, enjoying the cardinal water that marks our shift into summer here in the northern hemisphere, i continue to be fascinated by the magic and mystery that lives within and between major arcana archetypes. what exactly happens during the transition from gemini to cancer season? what dwells in the space separating these two cards? what do the lessons we learned with the lovers teach us as we shift into the more focused, determined energy of the chariot? how do ideas of personal freedom translate into movement and exploration?

from the lovers to the chariot

during gemini season, we embrace a natural sense of curiosity, of gathering information, of collaborating and working to understand as much as possible about the world we live in. gemini thrives on questions, on sharing and processing, on brainstorming. and within the archetype of the lovers, we see that same excited energy, that same eagerness to connect and find new freedom within the information that we are giving and receiving. with the lovers, that inquisitive nature of gemini has turned inward, and we are eager to understand what makes us tick, what helps us thrive. what kind of encouragement do we receive from others, and how does that push us to grow in new directions? what patterns of support have we created, and how have they evolved? as we learn more about ourselves, about our communities, about our world, new doors begin to open, new possibilities emerge.  and as we begin to figure out where we might fit, what we might want, how our partnerships and relationships and sense of self contribute to our bigger goals, the lovers helps us clarify what we are craving.

at its core, the lovers is a card of courage, of being authentic and open about the things we desire, of recognizing where our wants and our needs intersect. it’s getting caught up in a dream and choosing to pursue it, remembering the enthusiasm and bravery of the fool and allowing it to manifest in new, even more powerful ways. with the lovers, we start to figure out what we believe in, what gives us hope. and although some think of this card as associated with intoxicating love and sweeping, fantasy romance, i find that this archetype often speaks to what we believe we deserve, what we are willing to accept and where we are brave enough to push for more. what are our standards for ourselves? what do we believe is possible? how do we respect ourselves, make space for our visions of the future? what are we willing to risk, and what do we want to strive for?

if the lovers is the dream, the chariot is the quest to achieve that dream. the lovers has gemini’s more cerebral sense of movement, an inner exploration, an exchange of truth and an embracing of clarity. but within cancer and the chariot we see the heart take over, as passion and drive and determination begin to push us forward towards those goals. the lovers encourages us to find freedom within ourselves, and with the chariot, we start to let that freedom expand outwards, into the world. we begin to put our heart on the line, to open ourselves, to let those around us see our desires. there’s a vulnerability in expressing what we want, in declaring our goals and ambitions, and cancer helps us both protect ourselves and be authentic about those aspirations.

but what happens in the in-between? how do we get from a place of intellectual connection to that willingness to rush forward with our heart in our hands, racing towards a clear objective? as the awareness of the lovers grows richer, as information and clarity are discovered and examined, there’s a building of momentum, a strengthening of purpose. we find ourselves gathering magic, courage, power. the more truths we discover, the more we learn about ourselves, the more we find a desire to move, to seek, to achieve. our goal shifts from something theoretical to something tangible, something we can begin to imagine for ourselves. those restless hopes and dreams, those wishes that we’ve been brainstorming, start to feel real, like something that we could reach out and grab. and the more eager we are to find that success, the closer the chariot comes.

in that moment of transition, we see the possibility of victory. we begin to move towards our dreams because we know that they can come true. the lovers archetype helps us understand what we desire, and the chariot gives us the means to make those wishes real.

it’s important to remember that the chariot is not simply an impatient bursting forward, a chaotic rush of uncontrolled energy. this is not a quick or sudden sprint. the chariot is disciplined and determined, focused on a particular goal. like cancer, they’re unafraid to lead with the heart, to start something brilliant and important and impactful - but the chariot is also sensitive to their own needs, carving a path of freedom through their own firmly established boundaries. after all of the joyous thought and intellectual exploration with gemini and the lovers, cancer and the chariot know exactly where they’re going, what they want to pursue. because they’ve taken the time to clarify their needs and desires, now the goal is within reach.

this pair of archetypes each play with themes of safety and risk, with exploration, with confidence. what kinds of freedom do we grant ourselves? how much do we let ourselves explore, and how do we keep ourselves protected when we move into unknown spaces? what boundaries are we living within that we haven’t fully recognized or acknowledged? the chariot asks us to honor the limits that we need, but to consider loosening the restrictions that may be stunting our growth. how can we be aware of our needs and wants while also making space for new possibilities? how far are we willing to go in pursuit of our own happiness?

we’re in the middle of the calendar year, in the first third of the astrological year - yet we often speak of the chariot as racing towards the finish line. how can we be so close to the end when there’s so much more to explore? the chariot is not the conclusion of the major arcana, but this archetype does close out the first line in the fool’s journey. this first seven-card group of the majors explores the self, and with the chariot, we honor a sense of victory, of achievement, of success. how far have you already come this year? what have you discovered, explored, completed? 2020 has been an intensely difficult year, but that doesn’t mean that every single thing has gone wrong. what can you celebrate? what are you learning about yourself? what goals have you clarified, and which dreams are you releasing?

as we settle into cancer season’s sensitive and connected spirit, pay attention to how it feels to move from intellectual curiosity into passionate pursuit. what did you learn during gemini season, and how are you beginning to put those ideas into action? what priorities have become clear, and how are you changing your path to accommodate them? what joy and pleasure are you finding in going after your dreams? and how are you honoring your full sense of self by allowing this authentic recognition of what you crave?

be safe and be well, friends.

images from this post feature cards from the true black tarot, the wild unknown tarot, and the moonchild tarot. all photographs created by meg jones wall.