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a spread for awakening to self

a spread for awakening to self
wheel of fortune from the sabat tarot

hello, friends. i'm slowly recovering from a truly vicious cold, and i hope this spread finds you healthy, safe, and as comfortable as possible.

i also shared more details on instagram earlier today about my upcoming creative container, sanctuary of the empress, which i hope you'll consider joining. i've tried to make this offering as affordable as possible, in the hopes of building a robust, supportive, creative, and encouraging community that will last well beyond november. if you're interested in learning more, click here:

the horrifying updates from gaza this past week have been difficult to watch, painful to process, and i know many are drowning in grief, anger, and frustration. yet i've been encouraged to see how many people are speaking up, making their voices heard, sharing their heavy emotions as well as their hope, activating mutual aid networks, protesting, petitioning, and distributing resources. i have been sharing information, raffles, support services, and other relevant links in my instagram stories, and i hope you'll continue to raise your voice as well.

take care of yourselves, but don't look away from this moment. palestinian people and indigenous groups around the world deserve our attention, our support, and our action. use your voice, combat misinformation, and practice compassion. i know it's easier to be silent, which is why it's so important to speak up, loudly and often.

now, for this month's spread.

at the top of the month, i shared an essay on the judgement archetype, exploring what it means to awaken, transform, and truly heal. judgement is a big, intense card, and it felt appropriate for it to fall in this month, in preparation for the transition from libra to scorpio, at the beginning of another eclipse season.

october 2023: on awakening to self
hello, friends, and welcome to october. this is perhaps my favorite month of the year, in my favorite season of the year. growing up largely in new england, i fell in love with autumn: the scents, the sounds, the beauty of falling leaves, the crispness of the air. there’s nothing

let me be extremely clear: there's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be safe. and particularly in light of recent news, safety is not to be taken lightly. it's easy to take certain kinds of safety for granted: having a home with locking doors, a place where we can rest and relax. having access to clean food and water. having the ability to get medical care, even if that care is expensive or frustrating, is still more than some. having internet access. being able to walk around outside.

yet when we are actually safe, when we do truly have everything that we need in a solid and lasting format, sometimes we get trapped in that safety. we become unwilling or unable to look beyond that safety.

it would be foolish for me not to acknowledge that this can be a trauma response, that this is not a small thing to overcome. but we all deserve more than safety. every single human being deserves beauty, magic, wonder, love, connection, support, encouragement, art, comfort, delight, play, sensuality, deliciousness. we deserve opportunities to grow and expand, to explore and experiment, to discover and uncover. we deserve the space to make mistakes, to learn more about who we are, to leave old rituals or rhythms behind and build new ones.

we all deserve the chance to fully awaken to who we are, instead of feeling restricted to who we once were, instead of being reduced to one aspect of self.