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new moon & solar eclipse in libra

new moon & solar eclipse in libra
the fool from the sabat tarot

hello, friends. before we jump into today's new moon, a gentle reminder that while caring for yourself is important, it's also essential that we do not flinch away from or rationalize the suffering of others. as the ARD team writes, "there is no way to be anti-racist without supporting palestinian liberation." i'm continuing to uplift knowledgable voices and share opportunities for education, donation, and activism in my IG stories, so feel free to check there for resources as i find them.

on a wildly different note, i also sent out a newsletter last night announcing my latest offering, sanctuary of the empress. if you've been craving community, looking for spaces to creatively play, or wishing for a place to share tarot studies and discoveries with fellow tarot lovers, i hope you'll check it out.

today's new moon in libra is the start of another set of eclipses, with today's being a solar eclipse. and while there is a lot of information (as well as misinformation) out there on the internet, this is just your regular reminder that eclipses happen multiple times every year, and you don't have to have a complete meltdown every time they occur. as diana rose harper so wisely says, eclipses are chaotic neutral. this is an opportunity to observe and surrender, to pay attention, to go with the flow.