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MOON + STAR free ritual

and more details about my collaboration with sovereignty herbs
MOON + STAR free ritual

hello, friends! i’ve been deep in writing mode, but in addition to highlighting the eclipse spread i just shared on instagram, i also wanted to share a new ritual that you can access for free, right now, as part of the MOON + STAR collection launch.

erika and brooke of sovereignty herbs are incredibly thoughtful, generous, gifted creators, and it’s been such a joy to put together this collection of tarot, ritual, and herbalism offerings. designed with the winter solstice in mind, the MOON + STAR collection explores themes of belonging, personal sovereignty, and connection with community. in embodying the transformative reflection of the moon archetype, in understanding the brilliant insight and forward-thinking nature of the star archetype, we can learn so much about ourselves, tapping into our own magic in ways that may have not have felt possible at different points in our lives. tracing our own evolution and growth is a powerful gift, and this collection encourages deep awareness, introspection, and vulnerability.

featuring six full size, handcrafted herbalism products, a 40+ page zine with detailed rituals and tarot spreads, and a copy of the spacious tarot deck, the MOON + STAR collection is filled with beautiful, considerate details, and is designed to facilitate contemplation, healing, and reflection. this limited edition collection is only available for pre-order, so make sure you sign up for your box before ordering closes on december 12th.

curious about the collaboration? want a little taste of what we’ve put together? check out this free simple ritual, which makes a beautiful introduction to the full collection, and is also a lovely way to find some grounding, stillness, and quiet today.

i’m so proud of this project, and i hope you’ll check it out.

thank you so much for reading, and have a safe and illuminating full moon!