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january 2023: yearly cycles spread

january 2023: yearly cycles spread
the sabat tarot

hello, friends! a few days ago i shared a lengthy post on the numerology of 2023, including our collective year number of 7 and instructions for how to calculate your personal year number. looking at these numbers together can help provide some context for the different energies and themes that will likely emerge for you in 2023.

there are a number of ways that you can work with your personal year number, from visions boards to playlists to archetype studies to journaling practices. but as always, i find that starting with the tarot can provide an expansive and thought-provoking jumping off point, one that you can revisit many times throughout the year.

the following spread is meant to encourage ideas, expansion, and contemplation. these nine numbers hold so much wisdom and magic, strength and purpose, possibility and opportunity — and in paying attention to where they may lead us, in asking questions that encourage meditation, you can start a conversation with this number, one that continues throughout 2023.

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