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january special reading: finding calm in dark times

january special reading: finding calm in dark times

hello, friends, and happy full moon in cancer! i sent out a full moon spread to silver and gold subscribers earlier today, and if you want to check it out, click the button below to adjust your subscription and get immediate access.

friendly reminder that these exclusive spreads are also available as new and full moon spread collections on my website, as well as a bundled set of both collections.

however, this note for everyone is to let you know that i'm continuing to expand (and experiment with) my client tarot readings in 2023. every month, i'll select a spread (either an existing one i've written or something brand new), and will open up a limited number of spots. as newsletter subscribers, you'll always be the first to know. (and if these sell out as quickly as my year of seven readings did last month, you'll want to snag one right away if you're interested!)

these monthly readings will be in my new audio format, which includes a mp4 audio file, a photo of your cards, and an AI-generated transcript. readings will be completed in the order they are purchased, and depending on when you buy, you should receive your reading by the end of the month at the latest.

(i'll also open up a limited number of custom readings each month, which can be on any topic and include a 5-7 page written PDF, photos, and a fully personalized spread written just for you. please note that due to the amount of time and labor these custom readings take, i have raised the price on this offering for 2023.)

all readings, regardless of the format, include your choice of tarot deck, opportunities for you to share what's going on in your life and what you're looking for from the reading, and inclusive, accessible perspectives on the cards.

it has been so wonderful to get back to reading for clients again, and if you've been wanting to work with me, please check out my readings page for more information on my philosophies, practice, and offers.

for the month of january, i've opened up ten spots for readings using my popular finding calm in dark times tarot spread. this five-card spread was specifically written to help settle, ground, and support people who are feeling lost, alone, or uncertain. if you’re having a hard time taking care of yourself in the face of questions, struggles, or stagnation, or if you are craving a fresh perspective on some challenges in your life, this reading can help offer some guidance, care, and reminders of your strength.

i've got ten of these readings available, and would love to work with you. for more information and to book a reading with me, click the button below.

wishing you a beautiful full moon in cancer, and thanks for being here!