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enrollment for devils & digits closes tonight!

enrollment for devils & digits closes tonight!
devils & digits: a tarot numerology course by 3am.tarot

hello, friends! this is just a quick final reminder that my tarot numerology course, devils & digits, is closing for enrollment at 11:59pm EST tonight. i am not planning to run this course again in this format, so if you've been itching to work with me more closely or craving a new way of working with the cards, please check out this course. i would love to work with you.

for more on the class, check out the overview for the course that i sent a few weeks ago, this introduction to the cycles and stories of the tarot, my numerology piece for 2023, and this free video presentation on the nine digits of numerology and how they connect to the major arcana.

whether you're a new to tarot or have been working with the cards for years, numerology can help you get to the next level in your practice. this simple but profound structure offers a personal, detailed map to refer back to whenever you feel lost, stuck, or confused about a specific archetype or card, one that you can keep building on for years to come.

not sure if this class is right for you? have questions about the course materials, lessons, payment plans, or anything else? shoot me an email and i'd be happy to chat with you.

i'll be back in your inboxes on monday with a new essay on the tower. thanks for reading and have a great rest of your weekend!