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december 2022: full moon in gemini

december 2022: full moon in gemini

hello, friends. before we dig into today's full moon in gemini, a quick note that my year of seven tarot readings are already completely sold out! these went really quickly so if you weren't able to snag one, keep an eye on this newsletter - i will add more year of seven reading slots if i can accommodate them, and will also be introducing some brand new offerings in the new year.

thank you to everyone who purchased a reading - i can't wait to put these together!

today's full moon in gemini brings an invitation for both reflection and excitement, as we let joy spill over, celebrate our wins, and remember our truths. full moons always invite us to revel in the energies of the sun and moon archetypes: brilliance, mystery, integrating light and shadow. what are you revealing? what are you celebrating? what can you see clearly, and what is still hidden? with the moon in gemini, we also find the energy of the lovers: duality, expansion, responsibility, partnership, care, freedom, and choices.

this moon asks us to pay attention to our narratives, to what we know to be true and what we may struggle to believe. how do our insights and personal mythologies impact the choices that we make, the possibilities that we recognize?

(when the moon is full, the narratives are often around competition or perfection. but the moon is constantly shifting from phase to phase, so it's okay if it doesn't feel like you have a big obvious capital-w WIN to honor right now. you're still doing great.)

if you like, think back to what you may have initiated, discovered, or begun to pursue during the gemini new moon in may of 2022. what were you curious about, that may have steered you in a particular direction? what seeds were planted, sparks were lit, ideas were generated? and how have those journeys progressed since then?