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december 2022: a spread on finding equilibrium

december 2022: a spread on finding equilibrium

hello, friends.

earlier this month i shared a reflection piece on temperance, messiness, and finding equilibrium. recovery is often a complicated progress, full of stops and starts, grief and wonder - it's a reckoning, a rebuilding. and while we can learn a lot about who we are through this process, sometimes new mysteries are also uncovered, pieces of ourselves that may not seem to fit quite the way they did before.

what happens when we feel fragmented, shattered, and then try to put ourselves back together? the new creature we find is no less complete than before, not really - but they may be different, changed. and this transformation is true and powerful, worthy of our attention even if it's also uncomfortable.

how to sit with this kind of tension, this internal shifting, this sense of breaking through the self? how to repair and recover after a loss that has the power to implement this kind of change?

our spread for this month can help us adjust to our new reality, remembering who we have been and honoring who we could become. it's an opportunity to grieve and recover, to settle into our present.