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a devils & digits preview for all paid subscribers

a devils & digits preview for all paid subscribers

hi friends! my tarot numerology class, devils & digits, is beginning in just a few days - and as paid subscribers, i wanted to give you a thank you in the form of a preview of this course.

first, what is devils & digits? this is a hybrid-style course that includes a mix of self-paced lessons (in the form of downloadable videos with transcripts, worksheets, exercises, and tarot spreads) and real-time support (weekly live office hours, 24/7 online community with me and your fellow students), that covers the nine digits of pythagorean numerology and puts it into context within the tarot. this means that you'll get six week of lessons connecting all 78 tarot cards to numerology, plus additional bonus lessons on court cards, birth numbers, and using numerology in your tarot practice.

there are also three additional weeks sprinkled throughout the schedule, that include office hours without additional lessons, to give students plenty of time to go through the ample course materials. and of course, everything being downloadable means that you'll have lifetime access, letting you work through things on your own pace and returning to the lessons whenever you like.

like so many of my writings and offerings, this course is what i myself longed for when i started integrating tarot and numerology. learning 78 different cards and their meanings can be really intimidating, but grouping cards together by number makes it so much easier to see patterns, connections, and additional interpretations, empowering you to build a relationship with the cards that's unique to your own perspective and experience.

if you want to go beyond basic keywords or standardized rider-waite-smith style interpretations, if you're craving a more intuitive approach to your tarot practice, or if you want to feel more confident when you work with the cards, this is the class for you.

the first week of devils & digits begins with foundation lessons, giving introductions to both tarot and numerology and ensuring that we're all on the same page when it comes to terms, descriptions, and uses. below, you can see a handful of slides from this first lesson, which i hope will immediately be useful for you in your own practice.

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