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two of wands: creative prompts & journal questions

two of wands: creative prompts & journal questions
two of wands from the gentle tarot

hello, friends. quick note that i have finally (finally!!!) created a devils & fools welcome page that includes direct links to all of my major arcana essays, new moon spreads, full moon spreads, and digital presence locations. you can find it via the navigation bar at the top of the devils & fools homepage, but if you're a silver or gold subscriber who loves my moon spreads, i highly recommend also bookmarking this page for easy access during key lunations.

as we near the end of february, as we consider all that we have explored with the two of wands through the lenses of the number two, the fire element, and a new tarot spread, we've also considered a shadow side to this card, a way that it might bring up some fear or apprehension.

as our last missive on the two of wands, i wanted to offer some creative prompts for this captivating, energizing, and perhaps even challenging card.

two of wands from the gentle tarot

these prompts can be used for anything from writing or artistic prompts to inspiration for cooking, movement, fiber arts, collage, music, playlists, character creation, worldbuilding, or whatever else you might do to explore and delight in creative practices. these could also serve as journal prompts, topics to explore, or questions to sit with.

the sky is the limit!

what ember burns in your heart? what fire lives in your gut? what smoke gets in your eyes? what ash lives on your tongue?

how do you experience fire in your creativity, your relationships, your spirituality, your career, your physical activity, your personal spaces, your sensuality? what does fire mean for you?

where do intuition and instinct overlap, intersect, tangle together? how do you know something? how do you measure your interest in something? how do you understand your devotion to something? how is your decision-making process different when you deeply care about something, versus when it feels like it doesn't really matter which choice you make? when do you trust your instincts to guide you on those kinds of decisions? how does your intuition play a role?

what does it mean for something to feel really good: not just in a moment, but for the long haul? if the energy of the two of wands was captured in a movement, what would that joy or pleasure look like, feel like, sound like?

how often do you plan in a way that leaves room for passion, growth, and transformation? what does your planning look like, and how rigid is it? if you had a character whose planning always took the form of the two of wands, what would that mean? where would that process originate? how might it manifest?

what would it look like for a person or character to hold the energy of the two of wands? how would this energy feel if you captured it in a physical space or place? what songs remind you of the two of wands? if the two of wands was a dish or a menu, what would it taste like? what flavors would it feature? if the two of wands was a perfume or an essential oil, what would it smell like? how would it dry down and fade over time?

how do you know when a course of action resonates with you? what does it mean to allow authenticity into your planning and plotting?

are passion and planning contradictions? what about passion and patience?

what does the two of wands look like for you in a practical way? how do you understand it when it comes forward in readings as emotions, strengths, challenges, or advice?

and when you intentionally step into the two of wands, what do you hope to find?

next month we'll move into the energy of the three of wands — see you there!