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two of wands: the number two

two of wands: the number two
two & page of inspiration/wands from the muse tarot

hello, friends.

last week we did an initial look at the two of wands — and today, we'll continue our investigation, focusing specifically on the energy that the number two brings to this card.

two of inspiration/wands from the muse tarot

two is a digit, primarily, of duality, balance, and patience. with two, there is an ability to sink into a moment or a headspace, to observe and reflect, to seek understanding in a way that is driven not by rushing into the next thing, but instead by finding the kernels of truth and authenticity that live at the heart of something.

in order words, two is content to be, rather than needing to do.

even numbers have a stability, a groundedness, that can be in contrast to odd number's desire to move and confront and transmute. and after one's big active imaginings, two wants to take time to consider the impact that those imaginings might have if they became reality. two wants to honor how those realizations or discoveries really feel in our bodies. two wants to give their intuition space to breathe and whisper and sing.

in the tarot, two is about making decisions that feel absolutely in line with what we want, what we need, and what we are ready to devote ourselves to. two is about making a commitment to something, which contributes heavily to two's association with romantic partnerships. but two is about so much more than monogamous commitment! two is really about any moment early in a journey when we take the time to consider what we are ready to invest in, to pour ourselves into, to prioritize: be it a person, a job, a hobby, an internal or external change, a boundary, a dream, or something else.

two of emotions (cups), inspiration (wands), materials (pentacles), and voices (swords) from the muse tarot

we see all of these themes reflected in the major arcana archetypes of the tarot that fall into the two constellation: the priestess, justice, and judgement. these are cards of significant moments of self-awareness, of choosing what best reflects our values and needs and desires, of wanting to thoughtfully consider our next step and the many ramifications of that step.

in the same way, the minor arcana twos and the pages urge us to ponder, to listen, to learn. these are cards of quiet observation, patience, honoring any friction or frustration or uncertainty, being honest with ourselves about what is true and what is just loud. the minor pip cards often find us in a moment of hesitation, planning, or choice, while the minor pages are joyfully engaging with something on their own terms, and figuring out how they fit into an existing system, and how they might want to break some rules or carve their own path.

in our card of the month, the two of wands, we see what it looks like when our enthusiasm and desires and willpower intersect with this need for awareness. if you don't think passion and patience can live in the same space, the two of wands will challenge that notion: this is about being so enthusiastic about something that we're willing to put in the effort to step back, take a breath, and make a plan for its long-term success.

page & two of inspiration/wands from the muse tarot

i think we often think about passion as impatience: that gimmie-now energy, that can't-possibly-wait-one-more-goddamn-second energy, that all-consuming drive for immediate gratification. but passion can take so many forms. and loving something fully, craving something deeply, needing something completely, can and perhaps should include ensuring that that thing has whatever it needs to last.

what does it mean to let our desires take up space in a way that is wise, considerate, thoughtful? what does it mean to come into harmony with our willpower, to let that fire settle into our bones and heat us from the inside out? what does it mean to be so devoted to something that we're willing to actually do the legwork that makes it last, to love something so deeply that we'll make it a slow burn instead of a flash in the pan?

this might look like partnering with a part of ourselves that we are less comfortable with, allowing a new eagerness to integrate with something established. it might look like letting someone new into our creative work, seeing how our long-term plans might intertwine with theirs. it might be as simple as not taking the next step in making a major change until we've sat with it for a time, ensured that it is something we are willing to truly invest in.

but the number two's energy is essential to our understanding of this card. because while we might think of fire as hotheadedness, unmitigated enthusiasm, or righteous rage, two can turn that wildfire into a forge, letting it burn in a way that is sustainable, useful, focused.

two of inspiration/wands from the muse tarot

the two of wands shows us how our fire can be a tool for anything we wish, if we are willing to take the time to learn how to use it to the fullest of its ability.

i'll be back soon with more on the two of wands.

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