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on preparing for change

a community reading for scorpio season
on preparing for change

hello, dear friends. my reading on hope last month got so much positive feedback that i want to offer another of these community readings today, particularly as this is such a difficult, stressful, impossible time for many of us here in the united states. we recently had a new moon in libra, are working through some difficult retrogrades and transits, are shifting into scorpio season, and are just a short time away from an incredibly important election. none of us know what will happen, though many are trying to predict it, and it’s hard to think clearly about the different possibilities, to hold space for fear while still trying to cling to hope.

so many things in my life have changed, are changing, will continue to change. in some ways that’s empowering and exciting, while in other ways it’s terrifying, frustrating, maddening. change affects us all differently, even those of us that are used to adapting on the fly, to staying calm under pressure, to finding quick solutions or being stable or taking the lead. and as we step into scorpio season, as we prepare for whatever changes may be on the horizon, as we continue to sit in this strange hanged one year, i wanted to share a new spread on preparing for change.

change often feels lonely. moving through something intense, whether it’s welcome or not, has a way of loosening our grip on everything solid, leaving us feeling like we’re no longer tethered to anything real. even when we are enduring something that feels relatively commonplace, like illness, divorce, or financial stress, our pain is still unique, our situation distinct. yet in moments of collective transition, like the place we are in together now, tools like tarot can help us reconnect with those around us, remind us that we do not have to go through this alone. even if you feel completely lost, remember that we are here together, moving through the darkness with hands intertwined, finding a new path forward behind all of the shadows.

you can use this spread to read for yourself, but today i’ve also drawn cards for us as a community, in the hopes that this reading will offer you a bit of comfort, a bit of kindness, a bit of strength for all that is to come. take a deep breath, and continue when you’re ready.

something that is being released: ten of earth. a card that speaks to comfort, protection, and stability, in this position the ten of pentacles recognizes that we are moving into a time of massive shifts, that many of us are feeling uncertain and unsafe. our ideas of home, community, and family are changing, for many of us permanently, as we are being forced to find new ways to connect and support one another, to show love, to find security and power. and while this may be literal for some as we move homes or find ourselves lacking some of the resources that we’ve depended on in the past, this card also speaks to a release of what we believe we need. what has made us feel safe in the past, and how are we adapting to that lack? what do we truly depend on, and what is more of a security blanket than a real form of protection? what do comfort and pleasure look like right now, and how can we expand our understandings of what brings us joy?

something to remember: ten of water. in spite of perhaps feeling uncertain of our physical safety, the cards need us to remember that our communities are still present, that the people that we love and care for have not gone anywhere. the ten of cups is a card of daily joys, of consistent connections, of grace and sensitivity and compassion. and while we may still be dealing with the fear and isolation of a pandemic, remember that you are prioritizing friendships and relationships, that those links and bonds that bring so much support and encouragement are still strong. how have you balanced physical needs with emotional needs? what connections have grown more important over the course of this year? how are you prioritizing love, in all of its forms?

a lesson to carry forward: seven of earth. assessment, awareness, and conscious movement all define the seven of pentacles, a card that is urging us to recognize all that we’ve accomplished and carefully consider where we are moving. for many of us, this has been a year of stillness and patience, of inner growth, of caution and thoughtfulness - yet we have still changed and learned, launched new projects and worked on old ones, refined dreams, blossomed and born fruit. if you thrive under pressure, what have you created that you can celebrate? and if you’ve felt stagnant, consider what you’ve learned about yourself, the ways you’ve nurtured and protected yourself during this time. how can you give yourself a break, either physical or emotional? how are you balancing progress with rest?

a way to show yourself grace: the hanged one. in many ways our real archetype for the year, the hanged one is surrender and sacrifice, shifting perspectives, an openness to change. this can be considered a card of discomfort, as we stop trying to control our movement and instead sit in stillness, listen, and wait - but there is also power in making this choice, in letting our actions be those of inaction. sometimes the best thing that we can do for ourselves is relinquish authority and take a step back, to observe what happens when we exercise patience. in situations where we cannot change the outcome, when something inevitable is approaching, it’s a real kindness to simply let ourselves be, to stop taking responsibility for what is happening and instead focus on caring for ourselves. how does stillness make space for compassion? where can you give yourself time to adjust? what does grace look like to you? and where are you taking the blame for things that are not your doing?

in this particular deck, so many of the cards in this spread feature hands - reaching out, connecting, overlapping, collaborating. we catch and release, share space and intimacy, offer support, let go of something and prepare to pick up something new. earth and water are both slower moving elements, and the hanged one has come up so many times this year that it is beginning to feel like a little wink from the universe, a reminder that some things simply cannot be controlled.

as difficult as things may be, as destabilized as so many of us have felt, there is still room within scorpio season for connection and compassion, for dreaming, for quiet and calm. change can be terrifying, but the people that care for us, the lessons that we are learning, the ways that we are growing - those things are not disappearing, and should not be forgotten. this is a time for allowing ourselves to evolve, for forgiving ourselves for where growth has ended and taking time to prepare new seeds. you are not being asked to give every single thing up, to abandon all that is good and joyful and comforting - but in the midst of this shift, as you say goodbye to something you once craved, remember everything that you still have. what are you stepping into? how can you make space for whatever emotions are coming forward? in what ways can you prioritize kindness, and how can you consistently show yourself compassion?

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have a powerful and transformative scorpio season, friends. stay safe.

images from this post feature cards from the 8th house tarot. all photographs by meg jones wall.