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three of wands // creative prompts

three of wands from the lumina tarot
three of wands from the lumina tarot

hello, friends. if you're someone that loves thinking about tarot cards beyond readings, today's piece is just for you. and if you tend to only focus on tarot in terms of what messages it might have for you personally, there's nothing wrong with that – but you might enjoy stretching yourself a bit and considering some of the following prompts or questions in your mind, your journal, or your daily habits.

three of wands cards, from left to right: lumina tarot, moonchild tarot, fountain tarot, numinous tarot
three of wands cards, from left to right: lumina tarot, moonchild tarot, fountain tarot, numinous tarot

what might the three of wands inspire? what train of thought might it support? what creative or passionate endeavor might it initiate?

let's find out.

if the three of wands was a person, how would they behave? what would they say? how would they laugh? what would their energy bring to a space? when they walk into a room, how would it shift the vibe and impact the other people already present?

if the three of wands was a song, what would it sound like? how would it make you feel? what style would it be in?

if the three of wands was a meal, what flavors would it carry? what textures might be included? what colors would show up on your plate? would it be energizing, cozy, nourishing, stimulating? would it challenge your palate or remind you of something you ate when you were a kid?

if the three of wands was a style of movement or a physical gesture, what would it look like? how would it feel? how complicated would it be? how messy would it be? how structured would it be? how formal would it be?

when you think about the three of wands, what imagery comes to mind first? if you have multiple decks or have seen more than one version of this card, which one is your favorite? which visual aspects of this card feel the most compelling to you? when you close your eyes and imagine this card, what comes forward first?

what would it feel like to deliberately step into this energy? how might it impact your breath, your mood, your physical stance? would it feel exciting, overwhelming, scary? do you feel joy bubbling up, or do you feel pressure to produce something? do you delight in this sensation of messy expression, or does it stress you out?

how could you use the three of wands like a tool in your creative or expressive toolkit? what would it mean to deliberately tap into this energy when you need it? when would you use it? when would it be the most helpful?

i hope these prompts help to light some fires within your soul, your imagination, and your heart. and if you'd like to access more prompts like this, and learn to use tarot in your own creative practices beyond readings, you're going to love the classes included in the 3am.tarot conservatory! learn more right here:

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