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a free tarot quiz AND a new court cards course

3am.tarot // order in the court

hello, friends! a few quick announcements to brighten up your (easter, if you celebrate) sunday:

one of my favorite things to do is help people understand how to make the tarot work for them: how to connect with the cards, how to build archetype relationships, and how to feel more confident in personal and group tarot readings. the section of the tarot that i get the most comments on, the most questions about, the most requests for support about, are court cards.

to that end, my brand new court cards class, order in the court, is officially open! whether you're a beginner struggling to understand these cards in readings or a seasoned pro looking for a helpful framework for explaining these archetypes to your clients, order in the court will help you clearly define, understand, and find power within all sixteen court cards.

no more talking around these figures or watering down their messages – this series will teach you to practical and personal ways to engage with these cards, that you can use right away.

order in the court: a new court cards course from 3am.tarot

order in the court features weekly audio lectures (with accompanying AI-generated transcripts) on each rank of the court, along with exercises, activities, journal prompts, and tarot spreads to help you meet these figures on your own terms. this class uses a new framework of trust and embodiment, helping you build personal relationships with each rank, and allowing you to recognize what each card can inspire you to accomplish, enjoy, pursue, or feel. by the end of this course, you'll not only be more confident about working with these cards — you'll actually be excited to see them pop up in your readings.

the first lesson goes out on tuesday, april 9th, but signing up gets you immediate access to an introductory lecture and lesson that you can enjoy right away.

i also wanted to share with you a fun, playful quiz that i made, which can help you figure out where you are on your tarot adventure – and which 3am.tarot resource might help you get there. if you love tarot, ttrpgs, and quizzes, this was quite literally made for you:

and lastly, if you've been thinking about joining the 3am.tarot conservatory, this is a great time to claim your seat! i'll be closing the doors in a few weeks, so if you're eager to work with me, are ready to expand your practice, or want a wide-ranging library of tarot resources to explore, the 3am.tarot conservatory is the perfect place to transform your tarot work.

you'll also get discounts on every new course i create, including order in the court — so if you're interested in both, signing up for the conservatory will give you access to a code for 10% off order in the court:

i'll be back tomorrow with a new essay on our card for april, the four of wands. and if you want more free tarot content, don't miss my recent IG reels, where i'm answering questions on everything from tarot businesses to individual card interpretations to your biggest tarot challenges.

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